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Puzzle of the Day – Flags Over the Capitol

In honor of the midterm elections that took place in the U.S. earlier this week, today’s jigsaw puzzle of the day has a patriotic theme. Flags Over the Capitol, by Thomas Kinkade, is a 750 piece puzzle, showing a shimmering vision of the United States Capitol Building, decked out with dozens of American flags.

Thomas Kinkade, rightly known as the “Painter of Light,” has a distinct style defined by soft shapes and warm, glowing light. His paintings often have religious or patriotic themes, with an emphasis on family and community values. About Flags Over the Capitol, he said, “Nothing brings out American pride more than a celebration with flags flying overhead and banners strung from every window. This is a time when friends, families and neighbors join together in a spectacular display of unity and patriotism.”

Flags Over the Capitol is a popular one of Kinkade’s paintings, featured on everything from beer steins to refrigerator magnets, to—you guessed it—jigsaw puzzles! This one created by Ceaco! will literally shimmer as you piece it together, and will fill your heart with patriotic pride.

So You Like The Hard Jigsaw Puzzles The Best?

When you are a puzzle lover, you soon grow tired of the ones you are able to put together quickly. When you want a real challenge, you will need to start choosing the hard jigsaw puzzles. Find these puzzles online and and hobby shops. You might even choose to put together online game puzzles that are seriously hard to do to.

Have you considered putting together a puzzle that has 5000 pieces? These 5000 pieces are very tiny and in the classic shapes most of the time. These are the puzzles for the experienced puzzler and putting one together may taken even a couple of months or longer. These are the puzzles for those with a lot patience and time for being able to concentrate.

You will have many designs and styles to choose from in hard jigsaw puzzles. If you like Thomas Kinkade paintings, why not choose a puzzle that has over 6000 pieces to it? This will certainly give you the chance to appreciate the fine details in his work. You can also choose from other popular artists like Norman Rockwell as well. Look for the images of your choice of artist in puzzles. You might be surprised at the choices you will have.

There are metallic coated puzzles if you are a fan of science fiction and space decorations. You may like to choose from animal themes or cars. No matter what kind of really challenging and hard puzzle you might think of, you can probably find one that will suit you by shopping online.

Wooden puzzles are really neat and unique. You may also choose one of these with more than 1000 pieces. Check online for the images you would like to have on a wooden puzzle. Some retailers will allow you to customize the image you would like for wooden puzzle.