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Helpful Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories

Separating, sorting, piecing together, and storing. It takes a lot of work to build jigsaw puzzles. There are also a lot of accessories out there that help make puzzles as a hobby fun, hassle free, and even just a little more special.

In our jigsaw puzzle tips, the best advice we give puzzlers is that storing and storing your pieces by color not only helps keep your work area tidy, but also helps complete the jigsaw faster. From experience, I know this works well Рbut I know sometimes I also need to sort through a lot of pieces and am limited to having only one bag spread out on my craft table at a time.

Behold the best puzzling companion, the Sort and Go! Click on the images below to see more details about our staff favorite jigsaw puzzle accessories.

These six sorting trays fit nice and close together so you can easily see and work with more than one color at a time. You can also stack the trays to hide them away in a corner or closet, or put the trays back in the box to transport the puzzle.


This versatile LED magnifying glass gives you a close-up view of puzzle pieces, and is also great for stamps, coins or other small crafts or hobbies. This compact, lightweight 3x magnifying glass has a 2-1/8″ diameter glass lens and a zinc alloy finish.

Portapuzzle 1000 Piece Deluxe by Jumbo

PortaPuzzle Deluxe takes the jigsaw puzzle to a whole new level. This luxury edition is spendy – but worth every penny. The specially designed interior is a soft felt-like material that helps keep puzzles pieces from sliding around. It comes with two removable work spaces to extend your table area, and secure zipper fastening to keep everything in place. When this case is closed – your puzzle pieces do not move. Keep all of your hard worked saved – on the go or stored away, thi carrying case is made for the enthusiast.

Similar to Puzzle Presto by Buffalo Games, this is a new mess-free way to glue your finished jigsaw puzzle. They simply peel and stick to the back of your puzzle, making it easy to frame. Each kit also includes 8 sheets, which would cover 2-3 puzzles under 1000 pieces.

Storing Jigsaw Puzzles In A Box

Many people enjoy working puzzles. This can provide a form of entertainment that anyone can get in on and enjoy working to accomplish a task that will bring a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction when finished. There are millions of puzzles, all in different age groups, levels of difficulty, shapes, sizes, and colors.

These puzzles need a good storage solution to keep from losing any pieces. Most will store jigsaw puzzles in a box that they may have come in; however, sometimes these boxes may not hold up to wear very well and can end up crushed and falling apart. Here are a few options to consider:

Place the puzzle pieces in plastic storage bags that are resalable and then place these jigsaw puzzles in a box that they originally came in. This will keep the pieces all in one place even if the box becomes broken or torn.

Those who enjoy working several puzzles at one time could use a box with small compartments such as a fishing tackle box to keep pieces separated. This works especially well when you need to take a break and want to keep pieces in place.

There are also a number of storage units available for sale that have been created especially for puzzles. Some racks are made to hold up to nine finished puzzles if you prefer to display them for a while. There are also zipper enclosed cases and puzzle mats which are designed for this purpose.

If you are a serious puzzle worker and want to keep puzzles separate, consider purchasing a number of plastic storage boxes. These will last forever and help keep all puzzles in their place with no cause for worry. This solution will also keep moisture away from the cardboard pieces if you are storing them in an area where this may be an issue.