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Puzzle of the Day – Covered Bridge in Spring

The sun is shining over St. Louis, and the ice and snow has finally melted away. Because after winter there always comes spring, this week’s jigsaw puzzle of the day honors that wonderful season with the colorful 300 pieces jigsaw puzzle by SunsOut – Covered Bridge in Spring.

We believe that winter has its glow around holidays when you can go skiing or snowboarding and around Christmas and New Year’s Eve. After that, though, it starts to get old and may even start making you feel a bit melancholy: everything seems frozen.

We bet you can’t wait to see those trees blossom again and the green grass to cover the ground. And let us not forget about those sweet songs that birds will sing early in the morning or about those shy sunny rays. Oh! And the wonderful trips in the mountains or perhaps to the beach.

We all love spring because it is such a balanced season – not too hot, but also not too cold, not too dry but also not too rainy. One of its best parts is that you can leave your iPod home. Why? Well, it would be a shame not to enjoy the birds trill or the bees tingle.

If winter persists outside your house and our words have cruelly made you pine for sunshine, perhaps this spring themed jigsaw puzzle of the day can act as a surrogate until those warm spring days knock at your door, too.

Puzzle of the Day- American Sports History

This week’s jigsaw puzzle of the day is a gold mine of knowledge; not only related to sports, but also to American history. Assemble its 1000 pieces and in the process you will be able to learn lots of things about the greatest athletes of this great country.

From boxing to football, tennis, baseball or motorsports, without forgetting bowling, everything is there. Everything and everyone is pictured, as not only will you see some great athletes, but you will also learn about sports museums and halls of fame across the country.

There are people you know, like the greatest boxing heavyweight of the world, Muhammad Ali, and people you should at least know about, from non-mainstream sports. They have all contributed to the rise of this great country and some of their performances even changed the course of history.

Made by White Mountain, this 24 x 30 x 0.2 inches jigsaw puzzles, weighing 1.6 pounds is a must have for every true American sports fan out there. You should all have it, assemble it, frame it, and hang it on a special place on the wall. That won’t earn you a spot in one of the halls of fame featured on the image, but it will sure make you proud to be a part of such a great country with such great athletic achievements.

The Perfect Christmas Gift: a Christmas Jigsaw puzzle

Are you looking for a Christmas gift? Sometimes it can be so hard to please other people that trying to find appropriate gifts for them can be stressful. Choosing a gift is a delicate endeavor. If you don’t get it right, instead of making someone happy, you’ll make them sad. You might not find out about it, but that still isn’t good and it isn’t meant to be that way. No need to lose sleep over it, though.

While clothes, jewelry and perfumes are really tricky gifts, jigsaw puzzles do not fall into the same category. Whether we’re talking about a child or an adult, a jigsaw puzzle might be the right thing to offer in both cases. At Puzzle Warehouse, you can even find holiday themes like a Christmas jigsaw puzzle. Beautifully designed, challenging to assemble, some with as many as 1000 pieces, they are simply made to please.

They will make adults go back in time and enjoy, once again, some of the lost joys of their beautiful childhood. If they have children to share them with, those jigsaw puzzles will guarantee them some quality time with their families and will make Christmas an even happier time.

If you want to offer a gift to children, a jigsaw puzzle will be just the challenge they were hoping for and it will allow them to test their patience and skill while discovering a beautiful Christmas image, such as Father’s Christmas Train. By choosing a Christmas jigsaw puzzle, you will be helping with the creation of the magic Christmas is all about.

Puzzle of the Day – Rosie the Riveter

This week’s jigsaw puzzle of the day features the American WWII icon Rosie the Riveter, by Norman Rockwell. Rosie represents the women who took hard labor jobs during WWII to replace the male workers sent overseas by the draft. She started out as a propaganda figure, motivating women to serve their country on the home front, and has since become an American feminist icon.

Norman Rockwell was an American painter whose knack for capturing the essence of working-class people and their everyday lives has gained him a place in the heart of American history. He is known especially for his illustrations on the covers of the Saturday Evening Post, which he did for 47 years, producing more than 300 covers.

Rockwell’s depiction of Rosie the Riveter on this puzzle shows her on her lunch break, perched in front of a huge American flag with a riveter in her lap and a half-eaten sandwich in hand. Her shoulders are squared and her chin lifted proudly. Her small face and delicate features contrast with a thick neck and muscular arms. The dirt-smudged, girly face on an otherwise manly body illustrates the dual role that women played in that era, of both wife/mother and industrial laborer.

Jigsaw Puzzle of U.S. Map Also a Useful Teaching Tool

Jigsaw puzzles are great for many reasons: They provide great fun for families, hours of quiet concentration for the serious puzzler and are even a unique way of teaching manual dexterity to little ones. But did you know that jigsaw puzzles are also great teaching tools? If you’re teaching (or learning) the states that make up the United States of America, consider a jigsaw puzzle of U.S. map.

Most people need to reference a map when trying to place a state…California is on the West Coast, right? But simply looking at a two-dimensional paper may not help that information stick in your mind. However, physically placing California on the left of your map in addition to looking at it will help you recall the state’s location.

There are many styles of U.S. map jigsaw puzzles. Little ones would love floor sized map puzzles or puzzles that come in their own carrying case. School-aged children (and adults, too!) might enjoy a puzzle that teaches not only the states, but the capitals as well. Fans of political history might even enjoy a puzzle map with red and blue pieces representing past election results. Are you bored at work? Or maybe need something productive to do to offer your kids for a few minutes? Try working an online “jigsaw puzzle” of the U.S.

There are many ways to enjoy jigsaw puzzles of U.S. map. These puzzles are great teaching and learning tools for all ages, and a fun way to teach shapes, colors, geography, history and much more.

5000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles For Family Fun

Neuschwanstein Castle, a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzleAre you looking for some clean, wholesome fun for the whole family? How about a challenge that you can all work on together? You should take a look at some 5000 piece jigsaw puzzles.

You have probably put together at least one jigsaw puzzle in your life. There are simple ones for young children that just have a few pieces. Some people start small and work up over time to the bigger ones.

A 5000 piece puzzle is a big puzzle. If you decide to take on the challenge, you will need to reserve a big enough workspace for however long it takes to finish. Puzzles of this size are usually 40 inches by 60 inches, or 3.5 feet by 5 feet.

Efficient working would require more space than that so that pieces that aren’t in place yet can be laid around. You will need more than your typical folding card table for a puzzle like this. Visualize family dinners on the card table for a week or two while the dining room table is covered with puzzle pieces.

Efficient strategies are important with such a large puzzle. One can reference a picture of the completed puzzle to get some idea of what general area a given piece might be destined for. If you are considering this as a family project, it would be best to try a smaller puzzle first to see how well that works.

It can be challenging to find a role for smaller children in such a big project. There are helpful roles they can have, but the younger ones are liable to run out of patience before the job is done. There should be some alternative activities for them if the rest of the family is going to be engrossed in working on a giant puzzle for a long time.

A number of different designs are available. Most of them are designed to be visually different in different areas. This makes it easier to have a general idea of where a single piece might belong. Others are made deliberately difficult. Prices for this size tend to run in the $60 to $80 range, though PuzzleWarehouse.com has some great bargains on 5000 piece puzzles.

This is not a project suitable for just any family. There has to be an interest in working together and the ability to do so. A significant investment of time is required, though not everyone has to contribute equally. If it matches your family situation, you might enjoy the challenge presented by 5000 piece jigsaw puzzles.

Taking On The Challenge Of 3000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

Butterflies in the Mist, a 3000 piece jigsaw puzzleWhat are you doing tonight? Are you going to come home and sit down in front of the television? Maybe you will have some dinner and watch some more television. Eventually you will get tired and go to bed. There may be a better way to spend the evening. 3000 piece jigsaw puzzles can be a nice change from the usual routine.

It will cost very little money for this form of entertainment. A good puzzle will only cost you a few dollars. You can buy them locally. You can shop for them and purchase them online. This way, you will not even have to leave the house to get them.

Pick out the ones that you like and pay for them. Your charge card transaction will be completely safe and secure. Within a few days, they will be delivered to your door. There is no hassle of going shopping and getting ready to go out. You do not have to burn any gasoline. The entire procedure is very convenient.

This is a good way to involve the entire family in an activity. Maybe the weather is not suitable for outdoor activity. Stay in and get out that interesting puzzle. You may have to coax the younger people into joining in. One good way is to challenge them. You might mention that this game is far more challenging than their video games.

There is no one-on-one competition with this game. You can work together on the same challenge. There are few things that allow families to work together, these days.

Of course, you can have one-on-one competition if you like. Buy several puzzles that are similar in piece count. You can set a time limit for each participant or group. For example, after so many hours, the puzzle with the most pieces assembled is the winner. Perhaps the loser has to fix dinner or clean the house. This is a good way to have fun and get household chores done, at the same time.