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Puzzle of the Day – The Black Last Supper

Traditionally, most Christian art depicts religious icons like Jesus and the apostles as white. This is because most of this art originated in white European countries, where the dominant races were white. Just as the Bible says that God created man in his own image, societies tend to depict God as looking like them. It helps people relate to Jesus if he looks like he could be an uncle or neighbor.

What many people don’t think about is that most of the Bible took place in Middle Eastern and North African countries like Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Syria. Therefore, it is very likely that Jesus and his apostles were actually not white, but instead black or Arabic. Today’s jigsaw puzzle of the day, The Black Last Supper puzzle by artist Bev Lopez, acknowledges this.

A supper is a supper, no matter who you share it with, and the significance of the moment can only increase if you feel spiritually connected with the people of the table. A better looking body, a taller body, darker hair or lighter skin doesn’t make any difference.

Get The Black Last Supper 1000 Piece 20″ x 27″ jigsaw puzzle from Puzzle Warehouse, assemble it, and it will remind you from time to time of the most important moments in your life, the people you most care about and what makes them so special to you: their soul. The significance of the image goes beyond its obvious religious connection and purpose and teaches a lesson everybody should know. Judging people based on their physical attributes or on any other similar feature is not only meaningless but also harmful.

Christian Jigsaw Puzzles: They Make Great Gifts

If you are a Christian, you might like to get things that have a Christian theme. The same goes for people who you might know who are Christians as well. Christian jigsaw puzzles make great gifts.

There are some Christian jigsaw puzzles that have pictures of biblical scenes or symbols on them. When you think of Biblical symbols, you might think of the cross or a manger. Others might have a Bible verse and a picture to go with it. Sometimes, puzzles with verses on them are easier to put together because of the words.

You might find is that some tell stories, too. The Christian friends or family that you are giving these puzzles to might enjoy seeing pictures of their favorite Bible stories. Some of these are even used in Sunday School classrooms.

Other times, these puzzles have angels and things of that nature. There have been many puzzles that have what heaven might look like. These are just other ideas. However, these pictures can mean a lot to a person who believes in God and love collecting things that reminds them of what it’s like to be a Christian.

Puzzle Warehouse has a great selection of inspirational and religious puzzles. There is never a shortage of these puzzles and you can find one for that Christianity lover that you know in your life. So, shop away because they do make great gifts.