New 2014 Piatnik Art Puzzles

Piatnik has released brand new art puzzles in their 2014 line, from favorite artists such as Renoir to Edward Hopper to Kandinsky.

With vivid, bright colors, these puzzles feature the best of fine art, impressionism, and abstract works by the best painters from history. They’ll aid an air of sophistication to your puzzle collection and would be perfect for framing and displaying!

The reliable and dependable brand Piatnik has been operating for 185 years. Established in Vienna, they are known worldwide for their lines of games. Every year this company produces 25 million playing cards, 1 million jigsaw puzzles, and 1 million board games. Check out their newest additions below.

2014 jigsaw puzzles, renoir puzzle, impressionism art
Renoir Moulin by artist Renoir from Piatnik. 1000 pieces.

Moulin by Renoir is also offered by Peaceful Wooden Puzzles (piece count varies).

lighthouse jigsaw puzzle, edward hopper
Lighthouse by artist Edward Hopper from Piatnik. 1000 pieces.


nighthawks puzzle
Nighthawks by artist Edward Hopper from Piatnik. 1000 pieces.
sistine chapel puzzle, religious jigsaw puzzles
Sistine Chapel by artist Michelangelo from Piatnik. 1000 pieces.
Kandinsky by artist Kandinsky from Piatnik. 1000 pieces.
louvre jigsaw puzzle, paris puzzle, france jigsaw
Louvre by artist Monet from Piatnik. 1000 pieces.
edgar degas puzzles, ballet jigsaw, fine art puzzles
Dance Master by artist Edgar Degas from Piatnik. 1000 pieces.

The Dance Class by Edgar Degas is also offered from Peaceful Wooden Puzzles (piece count varies).

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