Perfect Party Puzzles

All puzzles are good to do with a friend, some are just easier! The new puzzles offered by PSI are round-table puzzles, or four-fronts puzzles. That just means when everyone sits around the table, they’re going to have a part of the puzzle that is facing them—not upside down, or at another weird angle—making them perfect for throwing a puzzle party or for having it out on Thanksgiving or during the holiday season! If you’re looking for a good family-based, easygoing activity, this is the perfect idea.

city puzzle, round table puzzle, 4th of july jigsaw
City Central by PSI. 700 pieces. 24″ round.
animal kingdom puzzle, elephants, jungle jigsaw
Animal Arena by PSI. 700 pieces. 24″ round.
american landmarks puzzle, statue of liberty puzzle, big ben, best travel jigsaw
Legendary Landmarks by PSI. 700 pieces. 24″ round.
time travel puzzle, pyramids jigsaw
A Quick Walk Through Time by PSI. 550 pieces. 20″ x 20″.




2 thoughts on “Perfect Party Puzzles

  1. Roy McIlwee

    December 3, 2013 8:58

    Are there any new 4000 piece puzzles?

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