Happy Forth of July Puzzle Fans!

Happy Independence Day, dear readers!

Puzzles with images of fireworks are the best, I think, because we all know how every year we try to capture the light show with our cameras and it comes out completely wrong. The bright colors are dull, the big explosion looks tiny, and it’s hard to capture the moment on film.

So if you want to keep the big, brilliant lights alive for longer, try a 4th of July themed puzzle! We also have puzzles featuring the iconic eagle, parades for the 4th, and other American paraphernalia.

Personally, the first one on this list is my favorite.

fireworks, 4th of july, independence day, William S. Phillips
Best Seat in the House by SunsOut. Artist: William S. Phillips. 1000 pieces.
statue of liberty, lady liberty
Lady Liberty (World’s Smallest Puzzles) by TDC Games. 234 pieces.
folk art
Fourth of July by White Mountain. 1000 pieces.
Celebration by White Mountain. Artist: Royce B. McClure. 1000 pieces.
american flag, america, patriot
If My People by SunsOut. Artist: Jack E. Dawson. 1000 pieces.
Star Spangled by Ravensburger. 500 pieces.

Puzzle Warehouse wishes you a happy Independence Day with your family and friends today. Check out our other 4th of July puzzles

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