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Puzzle of the Day – A Pile of Kittens

Let’s make this day cuteness day. How and why? Well, to be honest, this decision was inspired by our pick for the Puzzle of the Day section: A Pile of Kittens. You can’t possibly be immune to the amount of cuteness in the picture. These kittens come in all shapes, sizes and even moods.

There’s Curious Kitty, Sad Kitty, Lonely Kitty, Sleepy Kitty and Playful Kitty. And there are other members of the troop who need to be found and assembled as well. Made by Sunsout, this eco-friendly jigsaw puzzle is a 1000 pieces monument of cuteness, with a size of 26”x26”.

If you’re a fan of the furry domestic felines, you’ll find assembling the puzzle even more entertaining, as you can try to figure out what breeds of cats are featured in the picture. Can you spot a British Short Hair? How about a Siamese? Or a Maine Coon? A Scottish Fold, perhaps? How about that paw on the right? Could it belong to a Burmese cat?

There’s no way you won’t enjoy this beautiful puzzle, designed to bring a smile upon your face and joy and serenity in your heart. These cute and fluffy little creatures will simply make your day, even if you are not a cat lover. And when we say your day, we actually mean your week, or even your month. Do not forget, it is a 1000 pieces puzzle we’re talking about, and unless you’re a professional jigsaw puzzle assembler, it’s going to take a while until you put the paws where they belong.

Are you lonesome tonight?

No, this is not a proposition. We will not keep you company, nor will we send you an entertainer to make you smile and forget you’re feeling blue. Or, perhaps, we will. We could send you a King, and you would probably enjoy it. Not the sort of royalty who demands respect, formal bows and obedience, but the sort of king who likes to party, and who knows how to party.

Not all monarchs are boring, you know, and the one we have in mind the least of all. Our king is a very special one; it is the king of Rock and Roll. The one and only Elvis Presley can be on his way to your home in only a couple of minutes. Not in flesh and bones, unfortunately, but as a jigsaw puzzle. An entertaining Elvis jigsaw puzzle, featuring an image from the popular illustrator Chris Consani, with the King doing what he knows best: making people enjoy themselves.

With 550 pieces and a finished size of 24″ x 18″, the King doesn’t have to go anywhere, once he’s settled in, and with him aboard, your loneliness will never be the same again. It’s now or never. Look for it at Puzzle Warehouse, order it, assemble it, and never ever return it to sender.

We advise you to listen to some old Elvis records while working on the Elvis jigsaw puzzle, and we guarantee you’ll have a great time. You can even make this a social event and invite some of the members of your family, and even your friends. With such music and such a jigsaw puzzle, your house will definitely be the soul of the party.

Online jigsaw puzzles vs. Traditional jigsaw puzzles (Part 2)

Earlier this week, we brought up the discussion that online jigsaw puzzles had many advantages compared to the traditional ones. Easier access and a smaller cost (supposing the internet access is already paid for) are just some of those, but they also are important aspects that, in time, could even lead to the disappearance of traditional jigsaw puzzles. But this is just a pessimistic scenario, unlikely to happen if we reflect a little bit on the advantages that regular jigsaw puzzles offer.

Despite being sometimes costly, traditional jigsaw puzzles can prove to be very useful. We have mentioned before the therapeutic advantages that have been highlighted by healthcare specialists, so now we will focus on some of the more practical aspects. The images on the jigsaw puzzles are beautiful. And even though you can set the image from an online jigsaw puzzle as wallpaper on your computer, it doesn’t compare with having a beautiful picture framed on your wall. It’s less expensive than a painting, and you know that you’ve put some work into it, which can make it even more valuable.

But the most important aspect of puzzle assembling is another one: the social aspect. Needless to say, assembling a jigsaw puzzle can be a social activity. In a big family, this apparently simple game can lead to a bigger cohesion and to lots of happy moments. What’s more, assembling a jigsaw puzzle involves touching. It might not seem much, but in an increasingly technological and digital world, where more than a few authors identify the decline of manual labor, touching the pieces of the puzzle and manipulating them can ground you and your body not only in the physical moment, but also in the physical world. And this can be translated to other activities and simple tasks, where puzzle making skills can be more than helpful.

Puzzle of the Day – Chat Noir

Today’s puzzle brings you back to 19th century France. More precisely, it brings you closer to the bohemian district of Paris, Montmartre, and to its famous cabaret, Le Chat Noir (French for “The Black Cat”). Opened by Rodolphe Salis, an artist, Le Chat Noir soon became famous as a place where you could stumble not only upon artists, but also upon some of the most famous men in France, if you believe the publicity of Salis himself.

Euro Graphics brings you this week’s puzzle of the day, a jigsaw puzzle representing a famous advertising for a tour of the cabaret artists to other cities. The original poster, safely displayed in a museum, is the work of Theophile Steinen, a Swiss-born painter and printmaker. The jigsaw puzzle is itself a work of art, featuring no less than 1000 pieces. With 19.25 x 26.5 inches, it is made from recycled board, printed on recycled paper with vegetable based ink.

You will definitely have to admire the superior quality of this beautiful jigsaw puzzle—at least as much as the image it depicts. It will not give you headaches, as it isn’t a difficult puzzle, but that does not mean you can’t enjoy it. The picture stands for something and it represents a rare work of art with a 19th century touch that will perfectly fit any of the walls in your house.

This is the kind of jigsaw puzzle that, once assembled, will never go back in the box, so you’d better buy some glue and a frame from the start.

Online jigsaw puzzles vs. Offline jigsaw puzzles (Part 1)

Nowadays, almost everyone has a computer and regular internet access. We’re not talking politics here, and we’re not in the social science business either. We’re being pragmatic. So we’re not leaving starving populations and distant cultures out of the picture or considering them to be less “human,” we’re just not addressing them at the moment. The almost everyone above is almost everyone able to read this post.

This being said, in order to address the possible critics who might rise and criticize the above comment, let’s get to the point: why would anyone buy a regular jigsaw puzzle, when we have online jigsaw puzzles? There are tons of puzzles available online and, as far as the assembling process goes, it doesn’t really make any difference if the puzzle is displayed on a screen or laying on the floor in a box.

An online jigsaw puzzle might even be more appealing than an offline one, for more than one reason. It is easy to carry. As long as you have your computer with you, you also have the puzzle(s). And, with the computers becoming more and more indispensable, so to speak, you’ll practically be able to access your jigsaw puzzles from anywhere, at any time. You can even take a short break from work and put a couple of pieces together to clear up your mind (although we do not encourage you to evade your work duties). Online puzzles are cheaper (you’re already paying for the internet), and do not require the same amount of space or material settings.

So why would anyone want to assemble a traditional jigsaw puzzle? You’ll learn that in the second part of this article on Saturday.

Japan Jigsaw Puzzles

Japan has always fascinated the West. A symbol of the Orient, the Land of the Rising Sun is, after all, the land of the samurai, ninja, sumo and of quite a lot of other deadly martial arts. But it is also the land of the geisha, cherry blossoms and, more recently, amazing technology.

Japan has a very rich and fascinating culture, but it is also a very beautiful country with impressive landscapes and areas, although it is prone to major earthquakes. And, speaking of earthquakes, since Japan has just experienced the biggest recorded earthquake in its history, we have decided to show a little bit of support in the aftermath of the tragedy, and talk to you about the Japan jigsaw puzzles available at Puzzle Warehouse.

What better way to start than with a puzzle depicting Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan and a national symbol. The 500 pieces jigsaw puzzle from Educa shows you the volcano covered in snow and gives you the image of one of the most famous Japanese landscapes in the world. If you’re a more delicate type of person, you might enjoy more a 1000 pieces Japanese Garden from Sunsout, a true work of art.

You can find these and a lot more Japan jigsaw puzzles at Puzzle Warehouse, some more beautiful than the others, all of them at competitive prices. Learn lots of interesting things about the history and culture of Japan while enjoying the relaxing time spent putting the pieces together.

Puzzle of the Day: License Plates USA

Do you like detective stories? How about detectives? Would you like to become one yourself, or perhaps just improve your detective skills? You could start small, with license plates. A knack for recognizing them could prove itself very useful. You might witness a hit and run someday or maybe just a drunk driver, and become a local hero by being able to identify the license plate of the perpetrator.

How about that? If you’re interested, Puzzle Warehouse can do a little something to help you. The largest jigsaw puzzle store in the world gives you today’s puzzle of the day: License Plates USA. Made by TDC Games, this jigsaw puzzle is the shape of the United States. Once you have assembled its 1000 pieces, you will obtain a 34″ x 22″ collage of license plates that will test not only your geography skills, but also your memory and spirit of observation.

Don’t be afraid by the large number of pieces, as this jigsaw puzzle does not fall into the difficult category. The pieces are numbered on the back side, and you are provided with a map that shows the location of each piece, in case you run into any kind of trouble. With these in mind, you can purchase the jigsaw puzzle and get started. It will only be a matter of time until you will be able to identify a license plate just by looking at it for a couple of seconds.