A Dream Come True

Dreams DO come true. Puzzle Warehouse is officially featured… on a puzzle!

Missouri State Map by White Mountain. 1000 pieces. 24 x 30 inches.

That’s right, everybody. Our own Puzzle Warehouse is featured as a landmark on this Missouri state puzzle as the biggest puzzle story in the USA! We are on the right side, and we share the great achievement of being featured on this puzzle with the St. Louis Zoo, the historic Route 66, and Busch Stadium!

If you live in Missouri or travel here, stop on by! We’d love to see you, and we’d know you’d love to see our massive collection of puzzles and games!

Guest Post: Charletta Reviews Under the Sweetgum Tree

Today we have a guest review from Charletta! A big thanks to her for sending us her feedback on this puzzle.

Charletta completed one of the new 100 piece Pomegranate puzzles that comes in the tin box by artist Charley Harper entitled “Under the Sweetgum Tree.”

Under the Sweetgum Treeby Pomegranate. 100 pieces. Size: 8″ x 10″

The following items in the chart was rated on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best.

Picture Quality: 4
Level of detail: 2
Piece Size: 4
How the pieces are cut: 3
Overall quality: 4

I completed this puzzle alone in just a couple of hours. It was small yet intricate, although it did not take long.

The pieces, which were a good thickness and not easily bendable, were similarly in three or four shades of one color. The pieces were also close in design with lots of lines.

This picture was nice and different. I like nice and different! The image and quality is very good, the pieces were fully interlocking which made for a good quality picture in the end.

jigsaw puzzle

The completed puzzle

I was not familiar with the brand or the artis, but would try to find more works by both. In addition to the abstract scene, the small tin the puzzle came in was a nice touch to the value of the puzzle. This puzzle made by Pomegranate Communications, Inc. was finely crafted with well cut pieces that truly locked the pieces into a fine picture. The artist Charley Harper had a fine skill in creating this abstract picture with detail to the the sweetgum surrounded by the leaves of the tree. That’s what I see when I look at the puzzle right-side up.

However, if you turn the puzzle upside-down it appears that there is someone sitting under the tree. I like how the image could be looked at in different ways and you see something different. This would be a great puzzle for any inquisitive mind.

Fun with Rompecabezas

I spent the better part of my day exchanging emails in Spanish with new Spanish penpals. I’m hoping to keep up my language skills over the summer so that when I come back in the fall, I can still keep up.

My new friends are from México, España (Spain), and Argentina. So, of course, after asking them a million questions about their towns and cities, I’ve become in love with the idea of traveling abroad and practicing my Spanish.

We have tons of travel puzzles that you can browse by  major city or country. But for today, check out some of these great puzzles from places in Spanish-speaking countries!

Fun fact: the puzzle brand Educa dates back to 1894 and is a leading brand in puzzles and games and they’re located in Barcelona, Spain.

(Psst: las rompecabezas translates to “the jigsaw puzzles.” What a lovely word!)

rio de janeiro puzzles, brazil, travel puzzles

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by Educa. 2000 pieces.

mexico puzzles

Cancun by Dowdle Folk Art. 1000 pieces.

Puerto Vallarta by Dowdle Folk Art. 500 pieces.

landmark puzzles, sagrada familia, spain puzzles

Sagrada Familia by Educa. 1000 pieces.

We also have a 3D puzzle of this beautiful Roman Catholic church located in Spain.

3D Puzzle: Sagrada Familia by Daron Worldwide Trading. 194 pieces.

Old City of Granada by Ravensburger. 1000 pieces.

Holy Week in Seville by Pomegranate. 1000 pieces.

Prades, Barcelona by Heye. 1500 pieces.



Puzzles Under $10: Affordable and Fun!

Remember that you have until 11:59 pm PST tonight to take our survey about books in order to win a free puzzle from our selection of book puzzles featured in our post Love to Read? Love to Puzzle? Win a Free Book Puzzle!

So far we’ve gotten some great answers and we can’t wait to choose a winner and share with you someone’s love (or hatred!) for a classic book.

In the meantime, browse some of our puzzles under $10. If you don’t win, there are still some awesome, beautiful puzzles at great, affordable prices!

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta by Lafayette Puzzle Factory. 1000 pieces.

Dream Circles – Bandala by Lafayette Puzzle Factory. 500 pieces.

Shangri-La Summer (Holographic) by Lafayette Puzzle Factory. 1000 pieces.

Snuggle Time by Master Pieces. 500 pieces.

Crazy Cat, Crazy Quilt by Pomegranate. 100 pieces.


First Kiss by Ravensburger. 170 pieces.

Mermaid Paradise (Holographic) by Lafayette Puzzle Factory. 1000 pieces.

Six Strings by TDC Games. 1000 pieces.

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 11.41.29 AM