Folk Art Comparisons

Recently we did a post on Eric Dowdle Folk Art puzzles. While we love Eric Dowdle (and we know you do, too, based on his popularity) we thought it might also be nice to get some comparisons across the folk art genre.

The genre of folk art reflects the traditional values of society. Popular images include cozy neighborhoods, horse and buggies, farms, quilts, balloons, and parades. There’s a sense of serenity, warmth, and community in them. Folk art is characterized by a style that is not concerned with either correct perspective or proportion.

The folk artists with the most puzzles on our site include Charles Wysocki, Eric Dowdle, and Jane Wooster Scott, but we have even more! Some only have one or two puzzles, but their presence is still appreciated. But browse along these images and tell us who you like best!

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BOB PETTES is from Minneapolis, Minnesota and his talent for art was discovered in grade school. After the war, he took advantage of the GI Bill to study art at the college level. He focuses on Americana and European landscapes.

bob pettes puzzles, americana jigsaw

After the Chores by SunsOut. 300 pieces. Finished size: 18″ x 24″.

snow puzzles, winter, small town, trains

Meeting the Train by SunsOut. 500 pieces. Finished size: 18″ x 24.”

CHARLES WYSOCKI was born in Detroit, Michigan to Polish parents. He credits his influences to Edward Hopper and Norman Rockwell. He considers himself a painter of early American life with a “love for the old-fashioned values.”

charles wysocki puzzles, virginia jigsaw, cute puzzles

Virginia’s Nest by Buffalo Games. 300 pieces. Finished size: 21.25″ x 15″.

autumn puzzles, folk art puzzles, pumpkins

Pumpkin Hollow by Buffalo Games. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 26.75″ x 19.75″.

Benjamin’s Music Store by Buffalo Games. 300 pieces. Finished size: 21.25″ x 15″.

ELLEN STOUFFER is an artist that draws inspiration from everyday things, and she often includes things in her paintings inspired by her faith in God and her 1848 homestead. Sometimes her artwork features meaningful scripture.

carnival puzzles

Sheep Barn by Ceaco. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 27″ x 20″.

ERIC DOWDLE appreciates the values of hard work and faith in God and devotion to one’s country. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah but many of his artworks feature beautiful renditions of other famous towns and cities. Here are 2 more generic puzzles of his that may appeal more to someone from anywhere that’s less of a travel buff.

Classic Car Show by Dowdle Folk Art. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 18″ x 24″.

Dog Walkers by Dowdle Folk Art. 500 pieces. Finished size: 16″ x 20″.

SHEILA LEE was born in Baltimore and says her upbringing and her Irish Catholic heritage combined left her with a “terminal sense of humor” that she tries to inject in her art of people in simpler times who have that same humor. She is influenced by Charles Wysocki and Linda Nelson Stocks but adds her own flair with trademarks of a Celtic cross, a shooting star, calico prints, quilt patterns,  a white dog with black spots, an antagonistic cat, or a mischievous child playing a prank.

Fourth of July by White Mountain. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 24″ x 30″.

Hometown Parade by White Mountain. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 24″ x 30″.

LINDA NELSON STOCKS makes art that celebrates America’s remarkable heritage injected with values of community and family. She enjoys painting farms and villages in rich detail.

Gifts from the Garden by Ceaco. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 20″ x 27″.

Sasha Salutes the Flag by Ceaco. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 20″ x 27″.

MATTIE LOU O’KELLEY started beginning to paint at age 60 as a hobby. She died 19 years later, but in that time, she painted beautiful nostalgic works that depicted the Georgia countryside from the 20th century. She had always wanted to paint, but she had to leave school in 9th grade to help out on the family farm. She worked as a seamstress, cook, and waitress in town after her father died, and when she retired at age 60 she said she “finally had the time” to learn to paint, and quickly went on to be a celebrated folk artist.

Yard Sale by Pomegranate. 500 pieces. Finished size: 27″ x 18″.

WILFREDO LIMVALENCIA considers his style “folk-realism” because he has a penchant for minute details. There is a unique blending of naieve art and realistic elements that makes Limvalencia’s art really special. He brainstorms with his family and says he really feels blessed to live an artist’s life.

Pies, Pastries, and Pumpkins by SunsOut. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 20″ x 27″.

Great American Quilt Factory by SunsOut. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 20″ x 27″.

Dockside Bears by SunsOut. 500 pieces. Finished size: 19″ x 19″.

ART POULIN has a deep appreciation of America’s simplicity and a knowledge of 20th century architecture that he infuses in his art in a seamless blend. His work is warm and gentle countryside scenes which embrace an alliance between accuracy in perspective and architecture not typically found in folk art. Before working in art, Poulin was in the military and had the honor to meet six presidents.

To the Barns by Buffalo Games. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 20″ x 27″.

Roses at Snapdragon by Buffalo Games. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 20″ x 27″.

TOM ANTONISHAK grew up in Pennsylvania as an Eagle Scout and there developed a deep appreciation of nature. His interest in art was a combination of his interest in history, specifically the American West. Before attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh for graphic design, he served in the Navy during the Vietnam War. He says he tries to infuse an acute sense of detail and intensity in his art.

The Family Wagon by SunsOut. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 19″ x 30″.

Chasing Summer Butterflies by SunsOut. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 19″ x 30″.

Tom Antonishak puzzles

Somerset Hills by SunsOut. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 19″ x 30″.

JANE WOOSTER SCOTT is in the Guinness Book of World Records as one of the most reproduced artists in America. At first she began by copying the style of artist Grandma Moses but eventually she developed her own style. Most of her shows today sell out on opening night. She describes herself as a very happy person, and hopes that her art brings out that same emotion in her viewers because, “We have enough stressful things in the world. We don’t need it hanging on our walls.”

The Pet Vet by Ceaco. 300 pieces. Finished size: 18″ x 24″.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Ceaco. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 27″ x 20″.

Halloween Adventures by Ceaco. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 27″ x 20″.

Things Organized Neatly

One of my favorite blogs on the Internet is Things Organized Neatly. It is basically a catalogue of photos of random items organized in a visually pleasing way, whether that’s a dismantled camera, things that are cyan-colored, a collection of beach findings, a collection of antique bottles, lunch, or bathroom supplies.

Maybe it’s because I’m a Virgo, but I really like things that have a precise organizational system. Looking at pictures of them is soothing. Organizing them myself is soothing. Sometimes I even make infographics organizing information about my life, like how many books I read. I imagine that doing a puzzle with a picture of things organized neatly would be even more soothing (for me personally) than just doing some random puzzle.

So, without further ado, here, in alphabetical order, are some of the puzzles we have of things arranged in a really aesthetically pleasing manner.

Canned Veggies by Springbok / 500 pieces / Finished size: 18″ x 23.5″

Childhood Friends by White Mountain / 1000 pieces / Finished size: 24″ x 30″

Killer Cupcakes (World’s Most Difficult Series) by TDC Games / 500 pieces / Finished size: 15″ x 15″

Kitchen Herbs by Ravensburger / 1500 pieces / Finished size: 31.5″ x 23.5″

Pasta by Piatnik / 1000 pieces / Finished size: 26.5″ x 19.4″

Pencil Pushers by Springbok / 500 pieces / Finished size: 18″ x 23.5″

Plenty of Yarn by Cobble Hill / 1000 pieces / Finished size: 26.625″ x 19.25″

Spices by Ravensburger / 1000 pieces / Finished size: 27″ x 20″

Spices in Stone by Ravensburger / 1500 pieces / Finished size: 33″ x 23.5″

Teapots by Cobble Hill / 1000 pieces / Finished size: 26.625″ x 19.25″

Tiny Treasures by Springbok / 2000 pieces / Finished size: 34″ x 42.5″

Wine Gallery by Piatnik / 1000 pieces / Finished size: 26.5″ x 17.4″


Cute Kids

Currently I’m in Pasadena visiting my nieces (they are 8 and 11 months). I am having a blast watching cartoons, going on walks, swimming, and playing games with them. I haven’t seen my younger niece since she was 4 months old, so the jump seems huge. Now she’s pulling herself up, crawling around, and giggling whenever she finds something funny (it’s usually her big sister putting on a singing and dancing show for her).

Kids are great, whether their grandchildren, your own children, nieces and nephews, or even the neighbor kids. Their sense of wonder is unparalleled. Just now, in fact, the baby’s sitting next to me on the floor exploring underneath the rug.


So, to celebrate children and all their cuteness, curiosity, and creativity, here’s some puzzles of that stage in life where everything’s a little easier and a lot more magical.

(P.S. Some puzzles are currently out of stock—but they’re too great not to be mentioned on this list. If you fall in love, put your email in and we’ll notify you when we get it back in stock)

I Have a Secret by Ravensburger. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 20″ x 27″.

Attic Memories by SunsOut. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 20″ x 27″.

Fun in the Sun by Eurographics. 300 pieces. Finished size: 19.25″ x 26.5″.

Just Before the Bell by Cobble Hill. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 26.625″ x 19.25″

Let’s Play Catch by Eurographics. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 26.5″ x 19.25″.

Kids on a Fence by Eurographics. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 26.5″ x 19.25″.

Grampa “Watches” the Kids by White Mountain. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 24″ x 30″.

Help is on the Way by Eurographics. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 26.5″ x 19.25″.

Boss Lady by SunsOut. 500 pieces. Finished size: 13″ x 19″.

Waiting for the Mailman by SunsOut. 500 pieces. Finished size: 13″ x 19″.

Happy Forth of July Puzzle Fans!

Happy Independence Day, dear readers!

Puzzles with images of fireworks are the best, I think, because we all know how every year we try to capture the light show with our cameras and it comes out completely wrong. The bright colors are dull, the big explosion looks tiny, and it’s hard to capture the moment on film.

So if you want to keep the big, brilliant lights alive for longer, try a 4th of July themed puzzle! We also have puzzles featuring the iconic eagle, parades for the 4th, and other American paraphernalia.

Personally, the first one on this list is my favorite.

fireworks, 4th of july, independence day, William S. Phillips

Best Seat in the House by SunsOut. Artist: William S. Phillips. 1000 pieces.

statue of liberty, lady liberty

Lady Liberty (World’s Smallest Puzzles) by TDC Games. 234 pieces.

folk art

Fourth of July by White Mountain. 1000 pieces.

Celebration by White Mountain. Artist: Royce B. McClure. 1000 pieces.

american flag, america, patriot

If My People by SunsOut. Artist: Jack E. Dawson. 1000 pieces.

Star Spangled by Ravensburger. 500 pieces.

Puzzle Warehouse wishes you a happy Independence Day with your family and friends today. Check out our other 4th of July puzzles

Family Fun: How to Get the Kids Into Puzzles

Tomorrow is the first day of July and that means that summer is in full swing. The dead heat of midsummer is upon us, and that means we’re all a little prone to wanting to lounge around, get a tan, and relax.

It’s also the time when we can spend a little more of our day with family.

When we asked you guys what you wanted to see a post about, one of you suggested a post focused on Family Puzzle Nights and how to make puzzling fun enough to get the kids to turn off the TV, the iPod, the tablet, or the laptop and sift through puzzle pieces.

First of all, we suggest making puzzling an activity rife with conversation, laughter, and snacks. Make it upbeat. Turn on some music, or check out Family Talk, the game that has over 100 conversation starters for fun way to keep “busy families connected.” There’s even a version for the Faith Edition, with “reflective questions to inspire a caring, giving and faith filled attitude.”

Our other suggestion is to make puzzling together about more than puzzling. Make a deal with your kids: when the family finishes the puzzle, you’ll all do a fun activity based on that puzzle. If you do a puzzle of seashells, for example, you can pack up the kids in the car and head to the beach to find seashells afterwards.

Flip Flos 2 by Paper House Productions. 500 pieces. Finished size: 27″ x 27″

These bright colored flip flops in this shaped puzzle are great to inspire you to make a family trip to the pool!

Summer BBQ Picnic by Lafayette Puzzle Factory. 500 pieces.

This mouth-watering image can be completed with a family (or neighborhood) BBQ, where everyone creates their own shish kabobs or where you teach your kids the basics of grilling or making your favorite family dish!

Carousel Ride by Cobble Hill. 275 pieces.

Is the fair coming to town? Promise your kids a fun-filled day of rides and balloons and cotton candy if they can help you complete this puzzle in time!

Country Fair by SunsOut. 550 pieces.

You might be a little crunched on time to complete this 4th of July-themed carnival puzzle, but you could keep it stored until next year! Or maybe make a family quilt together after you finish this one, where everyone gets to pick a fabric that best represents their personality!

The Swimming Hole by Cobble Hill. 500 pieces.

After this one’s complete, find a good swimming hole—maybe with some rocks off which to jump, or get some inflatable tires. Pack up the dogs, the kids, and the snacks and make a day of it!

Sweetest Day by White Mountain. 550 pieces.

Make a deal with your kids that you’ll try every ice cream shop in town over the summer until you decide, hands down, which one has the best of the best ice cream. Or learn how to make ice cream from home!

Colorful Underwater Kingdom by Ravensburger. 1000 pieces.

Follow this one up with a trip to the aquarium. Or find an animal-themed puzzle and take them to the zoo!

Sunflowers by Piatnik. 1000 pieces.

Start a family garden, learn to press flowers, or just go on some back road driving past some farms to check out beautiful flowers!

Nothing Like Jonathans by White Mountain. 1000 pieces.

Go apple picking. Or strawberry picking. Or blueberries, blackberries, whatever’s around!

Whatever you do, tailor your puzzle experience to something your family enjoys. If it’s none of these things, find something that you guys like. Maybe you guys can switch off on who chooses the image, that way everyone gets a chance to finish a puzzle they love.

After you finish, glue it, have everyone sign their name on the puzzle, then frame it! That’s what my family has done! (Picture to come…)