Holiday Puzzle Series #1: Religious Christmas

This is THE time of year for jigsaw puzzles. With the cold weather outside, it’s nice to cozy up next to the fireplace with family and work on a puzzle together. Not surprisingly, people love holiday and winter themed images for puzzles during these months – a great way to enjoy the cold weather without getting cold! This post is part 1 of a 4 part series of our best selections in our most popular winter puzzles! First up, Religious Christmas. Next up: Best of Snow, Cardinals, & Coca Cola. Enjoy!

Religious Christmas

Christmas is a holiday which has in many ways gotten secularized with Santa and reindeer and cookies and presents. If your family would prefer a more traditional Christmas where you celebrate Christianity and the birth of Jesus, we have a great selection of puzzles that depict stories from the Bible.

Religious Puzzle - 1000 pieces.

No Room at the Inn by Sunsout from artist Tim DuBois. $14.99. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 27″ x 20″.

Religious Puzzle

Adoration of the Shepherds by Peaceful Wooden Puzzles. These custom puzzle can be ordered in several piece counts.

Jesus Jigsaw Puzzle

At Jesus’ Feet by Euro Graphics from artist Nathan Greene. $15.99. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 19.25″ x 26.5″.

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Puzzles for Veterans

If you’re missing your military man or woman this holiday season, or if you’re lucky enough to  welcome one back for a break, or if you’re a veteran yourself and love puzzling, we’ve got some great puzzles honoring the brave people that defend our country from Sunsout. Some depict the military in the past (for those of you that are history buffs as well), and some are more current. All are a great way to celebrate our soldiers!

Marines Jigsaw Puzzle

You Will Not Fail Us (Marines) by Sunsout from artist James Dietz. $10.99. 500 pieces. Finished size: 15” x 29”.

Military Goodbye Jigsaw Puzzle

The Last Embrace by Sunsout from artist Brian Hart. $14.99. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 16” x 34”.

Military Jigsaw Puzzle

Bayonet! Forward! by Sunsout from artist Dale Gallon. $10.99. 500 pieces. Finished size: 19” x 26”.

Military Jigsaw Puzzle

At the Ready by Sunsout from artist James Dietz. $10.99. 500 pieces. Finished size: 15” x 29”.

Military Jigsaw Puzzle

The Few and the Proud by Sunsout from artist Ray Simon. $14.99. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 20” x 27”.

Tis the Season to Start a Great Holiday Puzzle

Halloween just passed, Thanksgiving’s coming up next, but judging by the displays in all of the retail stores we’ve visited, the clearance skeletons are already hanging out next to brand new Santa Claus’ and snowmen. So, it’s never too early to start your holiday shopping! It’s also just about that time of year when it starts to get pretty chilly outside and we need some fun activities to do indoors. Jigsaw puzzles are the perfect solution!

Know a puzzle lover whose favorite holiday is also Christmas? Here are seven great Christmas-themed puzzles, each one a different brand! They should certainly help get you in the spirit so you’ll be ready for all the carols that will soon be flooding the radio airwaves!

Christmas Tree Train
1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Holiday Puzzle - 1000 pieces

Father and son play with the new train set on Christmas morning. Made by Cobble Hill. $15.99. 1000 pieces. Finished size 26.625″ x 19.25″.

Frosty Family Snowmen
400 Piece Family Puzzle

Snowman puzzle - 400 pieces

Soft lighting in this Snowman Family Puzzle by Springbok. $11.99. This puzzle has small, medium and large size pieces so everyone can work together! 400 pieces. Finished size 26.75″ x 20.5″.

Hat Nap
500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Christmas Kitties Puzzle - 500 pieces

Adorable Kittens snuggle up in Santa’s hat under the Christmas Tree. $10.99. 500 piece jigsaw puzzle. Finished size: 18″ x 24″.

Sweet Christmas
1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle 

Holiday Cooking Puzzle

Christmas Baking by Euro Graphics. Delicious looking holiday treats from sugar cookies to gingerbread houses to candy canes! $15.99. 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Finished size: 19.25″ x 26.5″. *Note: This puzzle is new has been flying off the shelves – it may be sold out but we will have more stock coming within 2 weeks.

Every Day’s A Gift
1500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle 

Holiday Presents Puzzle - 1500 pieces

Beautifully wrapped Christmas gifts are an inspiration for any creative holiday shopper. And the repetitive shapes and colors with make this puzzle a challenge! Every Day’s a Gift by White Mountain. $18.99. 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle. Finished Size : 24″ x 32″.

The New Yorker – Santa’s Dog
500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle 

New Yorker Jigsaw Puzzle - 500 pieces

Little doggie is all dressed up for the Holidays. Though he does not look so pleased. Help him live through his humiliation as you assemble this silly Santa favorite. Artist: Gahan Wilson. From the Dec. 9, 1991 issue of The New Yorker – Santa’s Dog by New York Puzzle Co. $16.99. 500 pieces.

A Gift for Santa – Coca-Cola
1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle 

1000 piece holiday puzzle

A Gift for Santa – Coca-Cola by Buffalo Games. A very jolly Santa Claus gets a special treat at this house. $14.99. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 20” x 27”.

Food Puzzles to Inspire Your Holiday Cooking Recipes

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I think it beats out all the others by a longshot, and this is probably because of my love for a good meal. And while I’m a sucker for the traditional turkey-and-potato meal, when I looked up alternative menu items for the holidays, it got me thinking that there’s always room for another platter on the table! We’ve got some great Food Jigsaw Puzzles – so even if you don’t have room for another dish in your tummy – put one of these puzzles out on side table and the whole family can enjoy it without impacting the waistline!

Piatnik Puzzle - Pasta Food Puzzle

Pasta by Platnik. $16.99. 1000 Pieces. Finished size: 26.5″ x 17.4″.

Thanksgiving isn’t really thought of as a “noodle” holiday, what with all that turkey and potatoes and yams and stuffing going on. But if you’ve got a bunch of leftover turkey, or if you want to do something different, why not use it to make some new recipes—like creamy turkey with noodles? Mmm!

Jigsaw Puzzle

Baseball and Apple Pie by Peaceful Wooden Puzzles. Starting from $46.99, these are quality custom made with your choice anywhere from 220-890 pieces.

Apple pie is a classic and you can’t go wrong with it, but if you feel like spicing up your holiday desserts, why not try finding recipes to these delightfully different pies from Gardener Pie Co.? They’ve got flavors like cherry lime chipotle and japaleño apple. Also check out this recipe for Salty Honey Pie.

Vegetable 500 piece jigsaw puzzle

Canned Veggies by Springbok. $11.99. 500 pieces. Finished size 18″ X 23.5″.

If you’re a vegetarian or just really like vegetables, you can make some new veggie dishes to try out this holiday season to replace or complement your meat dishes, like asparagus enchiladas or asparagus quiche. Be Well Philly also has a collection of unique recipes that include beets. The New York Times has a great article with an assortment of recipes for a vegetarian Thanksgiving.

Food Puzzle - 500 pieces

Snack Stack by Springbok. $11.99. 500 Pieces. Finished size 18″ X 23.5″.

Thanksgiving leftovers aren’t just for sandwiches anymore. Check out the Food Network’s compilation of new recipes for your day-after meals!

Wedding Puzzles and Unique Fun Ideas for Your Wedding

It seems like everyone I know is getting married! My childhood best friend, two of my coworkers, and several people I went to high school with have recently changed their relationship statuses on Facebook to “engaged.” I always see new engagement photo albums and wedding photos popping up in my newsfeed. So, when I saw that we had this lovely and old-timey puzzle of a bridal shop, I decided to revisit some of the favorite wedding ideas I’ve seen on the Internet. If you’re planning a spring-time or summer wedding during these rainy wintery days, take a look at some of these unique ideas and also a handful of beautiful wedding themed jigsaw puzzles.

Vintage wedding shop in a quaint town, 500 piece puzzle.

500 piece jigsaw puzzle called “Rue L’Amour” by Cobble Hill Puzzles.


This Harry Potter Wedding features all the details for an elegant and magical wedding, including candles, pumpkins, trunks, and the best drinks around: pumpkin juice, butterbeer, polyjuice potion, and even a bit of liquid luck! Looks like Neville’s toad Trevor even made an appearance. A truly beautiful wedding!



This Lord of the Rings Wedding features a Tolkien-esque road map of directions to the venue. The Ring makes an appearance, and the groomsmen are dressed up like fancy Hobbits. With the lovely autumn colors, it truly is a wedding to Rule Them All.



Kapow! These Superhero Weddings look like they’re straight out of a comic book. While the men look like they’re business casual, underneath it they’re hiding those costumes to help them save the day should anything go awry. My favorite touch from the superhero getup is the nametags for all the guests.




Forget about Cupid’s Arrow: this Hunger Games Wedding features the arrows and decor of the fierce heroine Katniss Everdeen. The table decorations have the balance between nature and elegance, like the contrast between Katniss and Peeta’s home and the capital.


The pink dress, the mushroom decorations, the clouds hanging above the guests’ heads—this Mario Bros. Wedding is going to make you think you’re actually in the Mario Bros. world! Join Peach and Mario on their big day.



Do you know what this is? You might say “Willy Wonka Wedding” but you’d be wrong! As Wonka himself would correct you, it’s the most amazing, fabulous, sensational wedding in the whole world! The invitations are on a Golden ticket, there’s a chocolate bouquet, and bright sparkles everywhere. Pretty sure this wedding is going to have the best edible goodies around, too.


Though Thing 1 and Thing 2 didn’t make an appearance at this Dr. Seuss Wedding, there was a Bar 1 and Bar 2 with specialty Seussian drinks, each table had a Seuss book theme, and the whole thing was decorated in beautiful pastels. Who knew a children’s book wedding theme could be so classy?


Other great unique weddings to check out:

Disney’s Up Wedding

Alice in Wonderland Wedding

Zombie Engagement Shoot

Beatles Wedding

We also have some more great wedding-themed puzzles including wedding cakes, and kids puzzles with wedding dress up.

Wedding Cake 550 piece jigsaw puzzle

Sensational Cakes by Sylvia Weinstock series! Each puzzle is 550 pieces and measures 20″ x 20″ when complete.

Wedding Cupcake Jigsaw Puzzle

Can you find 18 hidden objects in the puzzle? This series offer an extra challenge with hidden images. Dream Day series celebrated being in love. This image is Dream Day Wedding – Married in Manhattan! 1000pc Puzzle.


Special Bride and Groom magnetic dress up dolls have 30 pieces of clothes, 2 dolls and 2 doll stands. Sure to bring hours of fun to your little wedding planner!