Jigsaw Puzzle Assembling Tips

While assembling a jigsaw puzzle is usually enjoyable, sometimes you just feel like throwing everything away and giving up. Nobody said it was going to be easy and the more pieces you have, or the more complicated the image, the harder it will be to complete. There are, however, a few puzzle assembling tips you should be aware of before beginning that should make your life easier.

Most of the people choose to start assembling with the border and there’s a very good reason for that. The edge pieces are easier to distinguish and thus easier to assemble than the rest. Plus, they give you a very good starting point.

The next step, after you’ve finished with the border, is to try and group the remaining pieces into piles of the same color. The thing here is to try and separate some areas on the image that are distinct and easier to assemble and to group the pieces accordingly. If the jigsaw puzzle you’re working on is an animal head, for example, the eyes are a very good example of such an area. Once you’re done with the eyes, you can assemble the ears, the nose, and go on from there.

The hardest thing to do is to arrange the similar looking pieces. You can be left with some that are almost indistinguishable by color and you have to sort them by shapes. Even then, the last piece might not fit into the remaining hole. That can happen, as some of the pieces are very similar in shape and some are almost identical. Do not force them into their holes, but try to switch the pieces instead, until you find the right fit.

Always remember, the important thing is to have fun. Do you have any puzzle assembling tips of your own? If so, please share them in the comments!

Finding the Perfect Fit: Jigsaw Puzzle Strategies

Dealing with anxiety as a child was not easy at all. I was nervous, anxious, small, and was frequently bored which led to acting out. As i got older, I found that doing something with my mind and my hands kept my anxiety and boredom at bay.

When I was about nine or ten years old, my grandfather began doing jigsaw puzzles with me. I completed my first 100 piece puzzle in less than an hour! (I though that was really something!) Now that I’m older and my son is getting older, I’d love to try puzzles with him.

Jigsaw puzzles, are a wonderful way to do something in your spare time that keeps your brain sharp and your nerves on an even keel! First, start with puzzles that aren’t too hard for you, (Perhaps up to 150 pieces) so you stay on track and aren’t discouraged enough to bail before you finish the puzzle.

Secondly, I separate the pieces that have at least one straight edge from the others without one. I find it helpful to start by putting the edges together first- that seems to be the least diffucult way to begin. Once the outside edges have been completed, the inside seems much easier for me to fill in. My next tip is to find similar colors and attempt to put them together as well…the edges can give you a clue as to which pieces can be a perfect fit. Just jeep trying and dont be afraid to take a break if you need one.

So You Like The Hard Jigsaw Puzzles The Best?

Stillwater Cottage, a 1000-piece Kincade puzzle

When you are a puzzle lover, you soon grow tired of the ones you are able to put together quickly. When you want a real challenge, you will need to start choosing the hard jigsaw puzzles. Find these puzzles online and and hobby shops. You might even choose to put together online game puzzles that are seriously hard to do to.

Have you considered putting together a puzzle that has 5000 pieces? These 5000 pieces are very tiny and in the classic shapes most of the time. These are the puzzles for the experienced puzzler and putting one together may taken even a couple of months or longer. These are the puzzles for those with a lot patience and time for being able to concentrate.

You will have many designs and styles to choose from in hard jigsaw puzzles. If you like Thomas Kinkade paintings, why not choose a puzzle that has over 6000 pieces to it? This will certainly give you the chance to appreciate the fine details in his work. You can also choose from other popular artists like Norman Rockwell as well. Look for the images of your choice of artist in puzzles. You might be surprised at the choices you will have.

There are metallic coated puzzles if you are a fan of science fiction and space decorations. You may like to choose from animal themes or cars. No matter what kind of really challenging and hard puzzle you might think of, you can probably find one that will suit you by shopping online.

Wooden puzzles are really neat and unique. You may also choose one of these with more than 1000 pieces. Check online for the images you would like to have on a wooden puzzle. Some retailers will allow you to customize the image you would like for wooden puzzle.

Experience Quality Family Time Working Difficult Jigsaw Puzzles

This 3D globe puzzle will be a challenge and learning experience for the whole family

Puzzles have long been a source of entertainment for people both young and old. And no matter how many times one works a puzzle, there is always a new one to enjoy and experience. The more difficult jigsaw puzzles bring on a greater challenge and sense of adventure, especially as a family activity. Set out a few snacks and a new puzzle for some quality family time that involves interaction and conversation.

The three dimensional puzzles can be the most difficult but can be thrilling to piece together. Finishing a puzzle such as this will give one a great sense of accomplishment, and they also will come in a variety of sizes so that one may be finished in a matter of minutes while another will take a few days to complete.

And there is something for everyone. Those who are interested in architecture will find puzzles of old castles and historic structures. Others will delight those who are nature lovers with their splendid depiction of flora, fauna, amazing landscapes, and natural wonders. There are also puzzles for children and holiday puzzles.

A few may even have special features such as glow in the dark pieces. Some puzzles are made of wood and others are intended to be glued together when completed and kept this way for display as a work of art.

No matter what type of puzzle one is working, the great thing about it is that anyone can enjoy it. You do not have to learn a new set of rules as with a new game, and individuals can jump in and take part at any time they wish. This can provide hours of fun for a family event or party and the end product is always worth the effort, giving everyone a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

What You Should Know About Kids Jigsaw Puzzles

At the Airport, a great kids jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are great for kids. As they learn how to fit together the pieces to create a picture, they learn many things. Puzzles are known to help the brain develop and stay sharp. They are even used for those who have brain injuries and need to work their brain as a part of their recovery.

Depending on the age of the kid that you are buying a puzzle for, you should pay attention to the number and size of the pieces. The more pieces there are, then the harder it is to put together, and the smaller the pieces are. This also means that you then need to make sure that your child doesn’t try putting them in his mouth, as this can be a choking hazard. Puzzle Warehouse gives an age level for each puzzle it sells, to help you decide if it is appropriate for your child. There are plenty of options for younger kids.

The last thing you will find is that with these jigsaw puzzles, there are all sort of pictures. When they put it together and see the final picture, they will feel really happy about what they have accomplished. It’s something you should look into.

Kids jigsaw puzzles make great gifts, and are also good as something to keep for those days when your friends’ or family’s kids are over for a visit. There are tons of puzzles out there ranging from difficult to easy and you can find that in many instances, you may even enjoy them yourself.