Wizard of Oz Jigsaw Puzzles

Are you going to see Oz: The Great and Powerful this weekend? For many that have been anticipating the release of Sam Raimi’s theatrical motion picture, today couldn’t come any sooner!

James Franco plays the leading man, Oscar, who is a small-time circus magician thrust into the vibrant Land of Oz. In the epic battle between good and evil, Oscar must put his magical arts to the test to transform into a better man and the great and powerful Wizard of Oz himself. Watch the trailer here.

To keep the magical fun going, we’ve collected some of our favorite Oz inspired puzzles and games. Enjoy!

Wizard of Oz by Artist Scott Gustafson Jigsaw Puzzle

Wizard of Oz by Artist Scott Gustafson – 1000 piece panoramic jigsaw puzzle from SunsOut.

Wizard of Oz Potato Heads

Dorthy & Friends Mr. Potato Head Set! This special collectors set includes Dorothy and all her friends; The Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion. Each figure is extremely detailed and features over 25 of components to mix and match. Even Toto is included in the fun!

Ruby Slippers Wizard of Oz Jigsaw Puzzle

These 500 piece shaped puzzles from Paper House feature whimsy pieces in custom shapes.

Wicked Witch Jigsaw Puzzle

These 500 piece shaped puzzles from Paper House feature whimsy pieces in custom shapes.

Dorthy, Tin Man, Scarecrow, Lion from Wizard of Oz

These 500 piece shaped puzzles from Paper House feature whimsy pieces in custom shapes.

Wizard of Oz Book Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle

Classic Books series features Wizard of Oz puzzle in collectible book shaped boxes with magnetic closure.


Classic Books series features Wizard of Oz puzzle in collectible book shaped boxes with magnetic closure.

Find It - Wizard of Oz Themed Game

Especially for Wizard of Oz lovers, this Find It Game contains 30 themed items. Spin it, shake it, twist it – and be the first to find Dorthy’s basket, Toto, or the flying monkeys!


Review of Wooden Puzzle from A Bloggy Mom!

 I was sent a wooden chess board puzzle from Puzzle Warehouse - and we have had a lot of fun trying to figure it out and memorize the various ways that it has worked. As this puzzle is a chess board, it is my newest cherished item. Not only does it remind me of all the evenings I have sat and challenged my husband to a game of chess – but it takes me back to when my father first introduced the game to me.

The kids have always wanted to be a part of mine and Dan’s game of chess. This puzzle has intrigued them and has helped bring them a little closer to the game. The pieces are solid wood – which helps to keep them from being destroyed by little hands that are eager to solve the puzzle.”

- Review from aBloggyMom.com

Brand New Puzzles from Heye

A personal favorite of mine, Heye is a high-end jigsaw puzzle brand that brings to the table some of the most magnificent artwork puzzles I’ve seen since working for Puzzle Warehouse. Excited to share these new collections – make sure to browse the whole thing, there are all sorts of different themes in here. From fantasy to nature to cartoon chaos, Heye has the most unique images of all the puzzle brands, in my opinion…. so Happy Puzzling! – Ashley


Click in the photo to be taken to our entire collection of new 2013 jigsaw puzzles from Heye.

New Releases: 2013 Master Pieces Jigsaw Puzzles

At the beginning of every year, each puzzle manufacturer releases anywhere from a handful to hundreds of new jigsaw puzzle designs and we’ve been busy busy working away adding them to our collection on our website and in our retail stores. You can see all of our new releases in one place right here, but I wanted to share some particularly fun ones with you today from Master Pieces.

Master Pieces does most of their puzzles in series, so if you like one puzzle from them, chances are there are a few others that are very similar from the same artist or with the same type of artwork. That makes it super fun because it’s something to look forward to when you finish one that was really fun.

Candy Brands & Colorize!  -  1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles
(click slide to be taken to puzzle listing)

What’s More Difficult Than an Impossible Puzzle?

We got an email from Rob asking for suggestions for a gift from his wife. He recently purchased an Impossibles puzzle from Great American Puzzle Factory, known to be quite the challenge with no edge pieces and also extra pieces inside the box – but that just wasn’t challenging enough! As I was writing a response, I thought it would be nice to share with everyone. Here is my response…
Wow – if those Impossibles puzzles are not a challenge, it sounds like we need to either go big (like a 3000pc or larger) or try some specialty items.
Here are some suggestions:

Krypt Puzzle

This jigsaw puzzle is all the same color, so it’s all about the shape of the pieces to complete. According to some of our reviews, it takes several hours just to get the edge pieces together. Some say 1 piece an hour is a good pace… It also has a really shiny, metallic surface, so it looks really cool when complete.

Alex Beard Puzzles

The challenge in these is only a little higher than the Impossibles, but customers have told us it’s really challenging because of the way the pieces are cut. The thing that’s cool, though, is that it’s not a standard cut – the pieces are all random shapes and loose fitting, so they don’t snap together like a regular jigsaw.

Murder Mystery Puzzles

These have 2 puzzles in the same bag, mixed together. There is also no puzzle image. I’ve had a lot of fun doing these with friends. One puzzle is a “before” and one is an “after” scene from a crime – you have to solve both puzzles to solve the mystery. We normally have more in stock if you check back in a few weeks there will be more theme selections.
If none of those sound appealing, then it might be time to up the challenge simply by upping the size of the puzzle. Here are all of our large puzzles: http://www.puzzlewarehouse.com/puzzles-by-difficulty-worlds-largest/