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Memories of Me and Dad

Intro: For Father’s Day this year, we decided to do something a little different. One of our customers Susanna S., shared a heartwarming story about doing puzzles with her father both as a child and later in life as he battled cancer. Thank you for sharing your story, and we hope to hear more like this from other puzzles fans out there. Enjoy!

From Susanna:

“I remember my dad showing me how to do jigsaw puzzles when I was really young. Sometimes he’d sit and work with me a bit but for the most part they were a solitary activity. Somehow over the years they became an occasional activity.
When my dad was undergoing cancer treatments at MD Anderson, we would see puzzles in nearly every waiting area. Occasionally I’d work on one alone, with another patient,or their family. My dad wasn’t able to sit or lean forward  for long periods of time but he enjoyed  being a ‘backseat driver’ saying ‘why don’t you try that one there’ or ‘no, over there, turn it around – there!’
This is my 2nd Fathers Day without my dad. He passed in December 2011, about 9 months after my mom. I found myself buying a lot of puzzles last year as the fall and winter holidays approached. I needed something to focus my mind and remembered puzzles had been a great escape yet still kept my mind focused on a challenge. I started buying quilt themed puzzles since I loved quilting, then wandered to landscapes and nostalgic scenes, then to puzzles that just reminded me of my family and simpler times.  I had forgotten how great puzzles were!
Since June means Father’s Day, I started going through my puzzle stash and pulling out ones that remind me of my dad. I started early since most of my puzzles are 1000 and 500 pieces with a few at 300 pieces. 1000 and 500 pieces are great sizes for a couple or family to work on together but for just one person it’s a lot of puzzle for one day! I’m probably doing a month of Father’s Day!
(Here are some of the puzzles Susanna shared with us)
Just looking at them brought back memories. My dad loved country music, old cars(1950′s mostly), and building stuff with wood in his shop. Country music is the only interest of these 3 that we share!

Click here to continue reading about Susanna’s favorite Father’s Day puzzles

National Museum of Play – Puzzlers Week

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of speaking at the National Museum of Play during their week-long puzzle exhibit. Puzzle Warehouse had been working closely with the museum for months, donating puzzles and planning activities for the event. During the first week of April, the event launched and I trekked all the way from Eugene, Oregon to Rochester, New York to meet and greet with thousands of puzzle and play enthusiasts. I was certainly in for an adventure!

As part of my role as a puzzle expert at the museum for the weekend, I taught sessions on how to glue a jigsaw puzzle after it’s finished. We made homemade puzzle glue and taught people how to apply it directly to the front of puzzles to help keep them preserved forever. It was truly awesome to meet and chat with so many fellow puzzle lovers and also many people who were just recently getting into the hobby and just happened to stumble upon the event. So many people gasped when they saw the 24,000 piece “Life, The Greatest Challenge” jigsaw puzzle on display in complete form and then also out in an activity room where visitors could help put it together.

Check out some photos from the event below:

[Update: More photos added courtesy of Corrie Kraai, National Museum of Play]

Life halfcut E '13

Life, The Greatest Challenge is a 24,000 piece jigsaw puzzle, the second largest in the world, now on display at the National Museum of Play.

Puzzle Fun This Way!

Puzzle Fun This Way!

Guests helped to assembled the 24,000 piece giant jigsaw puzzle!

Guests helped to assembled the 24,000 piece giant jigsaw puzzle!


Guests helped to assembled the 24,000 piece giant jigsaw puzzle!

Guests helped to assembled the 24,000 piece giant jigsaw puzzle!

Flyer from National Museum of Play Puzzle Week

Flyer from National Museum of Play Puzzle Week featuring Ashley from Puzzle Warehouse.


Play energizes us and enlivens us. It eastes our burdens. It renuews our natural sense of optimism and opens us up to new possibilities.

The National Museum of Play had many quotes displayed throughout the exhibits that fit in line with the philosophy of Puzzle Warehouse.

Ashleys young puzzle expert April '13

We were proud of this 6-year-old who boasted his hobby of completing 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles by himself. “I don’t need help – I’m a puzzle expert!” he said casually as he pieced together this small puzzle with ease. I feel blessed to have met this special kid and his mom along with many other puzzle people!

*Above photo published with parent’s permission.

See more detail shots of Life, The Greatest Challenge over on our Facebook page.

World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle on Display at Puzzle Warehouse

Ever wondered what the biggest puzzle ever would look like framed on a wall? Well, we’ve come close – we now have the second largest jigsaw in the world on display at Puzzle Warehouse.

At Puzzle Warehouse, you can now see one of the biggest puzzles in the world.

At 24,000 pieces and over 14 feet long, LIFE: The Great Challenge by Educa is one of the most detailed puzzles you will ever see.

See the FINISHED puzzle at our main store in St. Louis, MO – open 7 days per week. The puzzle was completed by several customers and is now on display down our longest isle – at over 14 feet long!

The 24,000 piece monster was designed by Royce B. McClure. Called “LIFE: The Great Challenge,” this puzzle is full of variety, color, activity, beauty, drama and above all – Life! A lot of the intricate detail won’t be seen until the pieces are put together, rewarding the puzzlers with surprises as they work to complete the challenge. How does one go about designing this type of masterpiece?

When I was asked to design the artwork that would be used for the world’s largest commercially made jigsaw puzzle, I sat down and had a good long think about it. Not whether or not I would do it (of course I would accept the challenge) but how to come up with a design that would do the concept justice…Challenging, but not impossible, lots of detail but still making a satisfying overall picture when completed.” – Royce B. McClure

[EXCITING NEWS] We have also donated this fabulous puzzle to the National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York. They will be using the puzzle is a hands-on exhibit starting March 29, 2013 where museum visitors can help put together the puzzle and also play a find-it game with life size posters of the puzzle. See more about the event here.