Best of: Photography Puzzles

They say a picture is worth 1000 words, and it certainly feels that way when you have 1000 jigsaw puzzle pieces before you as you begin to recreate crisp and beautiful images of faraway vacation places, amazing animals, and stunning landmarks!

Here’s some of the best, brightest, and most colorful photography-themed jigsaw puzzles we have. They’re just perfect for gluing and framing!

marina jigsaw puzzle, boats, photography
Colorful Marina – 500 pieces – Ravensburger
venice, italy, ravensburger jigsaw puzzle, travel
In Venice – 500 pieces – Ravensburger
saint martin, travel, lpf jigsaw puzzle
Restaurant in St. Martin – 1000 pieces – Lafayette Puzzle Factory
Dancing Waters – 1000 pieces – Master Pieces
arizona jigsaw puzzle, grand canyon jigsaw puzzle
Grand Canyon South Rim – 500 pieces – Master Pieces
landmarks jigsaw puzzles
Prague Clock – 1000 pieces – D-Toys
Peles Castle – 1000 pieces – D-Toys
waterfall jigsaw puzzle, photography, springbok
Canyon Oasis – 500 pieces – Springbok
heye photography jigsaw puzzle, alexander von humboldt
Lighthouse La Jument – 1000 pieces – Heye
Rising Storm – 1000 pieces – Heye
Barn Owl – 1000 pieces – Heye
shark jigsaw puzzle, sea life
White Shark – 1000 pieces – Heye
Herd of Elephants – 2000 pieces – Heye
jungle animals jigsaw puzzles
Leopard – 1000 pieces – Heye

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