Did You Hear? The Holiday Gift Guide is Here!

If you need help picking out presents for those on your list this year, look no further! The Holiday Gift Guide from Puzzle Warehouse is great because it pre-selects all the most popular items in our stock–meaning that whoever you shop for will be sure to love it! Click the photos below to see the Top 10 Everything!

2 thoughts on “Did You Hear? The Holiday Gift Guide is Here!

  1. JB

    December 13, 2014 8:57

    So how can you tell- if you can, the quality before purchase? By that I mean the difference between thin and small pieces that do not interlock well. I have thrown out puzzles that were just to frustrating to work with. I recently did a SunsOut puzzle, 1,000 pieces, that after completion I could pick up the puzzle and let it hang from my hands and stay fully intact and that is what I want in every puzzle, or at least very close. A White Mountain that we just started is the new and improved, pieces thicker and interlock very well….grateful and it appears all the new White Mountain puzzles will be constructed that well..so I will watch for them. I just spent a good deal of money on a Perre small and flimsy and it wasn’t an inexpensive 3,000 pc puzzle – may not even attempt it..

    • Megan Fajardo

      March 26, 2015 11:24

      SunsOut, White Mountain, Ravensburger, Heye, Cobble Hill, New York Puzzle Co. and Pomegranate all have very favorable reviews in this regard. This is not endorsed by us, but I found it online for someone’s in-depth review on some puzzle brands: https://jigsawjunkie.wordpress.com/puzzle-brand-comparison/

      It does not include all the brands that we carry, however. I think a good rule of thumb is to look at pricing. Cheaper puzzles are made of cheaper materials. They are designed less for displaying and gluing and more for the simple pleasure of doing a puzzle with a picture you love. Higher quality puzzles generally have a higher price tag, but will also likely have the qualities you desire in every puzzle. Good luck! 🙂

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