Buffalo Games Puzzles All on Sale!

Buffalo Games is one of the leading adult jigsaw puzzle manufacturers in America. A dependable brand, Buffalo Games is proud to use the thickest graphic board, premium paper, and sturdy set-up boxes for the puzzles they offer their customers. Check out their most popular lines including Charles Wysocki, Coca-Cola, and the Hautman Brothers, among others. We have a great variety of puzzles for whatever your jigsaw puzzle taste is–and there’s great news!

Now through January 31st, all Buffalo Games products from Puzzle Warehouse are 20% off!

charles wysocki puzzles, folk art jigsaw, cheap jigsaw puzzles
Charles Wysocki – Clammers at Hodge’s. 1000 pieces.

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coca-cola jigsaw puzzles, collectible puzzle
Coca-Cola. 1000 pieces.
wildlife jigsaw puzzle, tiger puzzle, buffalo games puzzles
Blues Eyes. 500 pieces.
Portofino – Photo Seek. 750 pieces. 15 hidden images.

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hautman brothers puzzles
Our side of the River. 750 pieces.

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cat jigsaw puzzles
Special Delivery. 1000 pieces.

One thought on “Buffalo Games Puzzles All on Sale!

  1. Susanna

    January 9, 2014 9:13

    I love this brand – especially the large piece ones! seems like they have a folded poster inside as well. Charles Wysocki is one of my favorites – love those scenes! I think they did the Charlie Brown puzzles I have too…nice sturdy pieces on the large piece ones and a semi glossy finish – not dull or ridged but not too shiny either.

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