Halloween is Done, but We’re not at Christmas Yet!

Thursday was Halloween. A lot of people woke up Friday morning with snow on their minds and jingling carols in their ears, ready to bundle up next to the fire and wait for Santa. Stores have pulled out their wreaths and advent calendars, but everyone is forgetting something!


We aren’t skipping over this holiday. What’s better than dinner at 2 pm followed by dessert and naps—plus quality time with your loved ones over a long weekend?

A puzzle is the perfect activity for all the people that have been shooed by the cooks from the kitchen for having grabby fingers with the food. They can turn those busy hands to something productive by putting together some of these turkey-day themed jigsaws!

holiday puzzles, thanksgiving jigsaw
Gobbler Farms by SunsOut. 1000 pieces.
Pre-Serves! by Springbok. 1000 pieces.
barn puzzles, pasture
Pie Apples by White Mountain. 1000 pieces.
normal rockwell puzzles, saturday evening post puzzle
Freedom from Want by Master Pieces. 1000 pieces.
Turkey Tracks by SunsOut. 500 pieces.
Lady’s Choice by SunsOut. 550 pieces.
Grandma’s Kitchen by Springbok. 1000 pieces.
Going to Grandma’s House for Thanksgiving by Andrews + Blaine. 1000 pieces.

One thought on “Halloween is Done, but We’re not at Christmas Yet!

  1. Susanna

    November 2, 2013 1:08

    I love fall puzzles – and winter ones with snow- probably because I don’t get to see either where I live-we go from temps in the 100s to a few dips to 40 then back to 85…I think the only true fall I saw was when we went to Branson, MO late enough one year and we were told that was only the start – well my parents lived in east Texas in the Piney Woods so those trees don’t turn – so it’s always a lot of green and snow is rare (had some up that way last Christmas but was gone the next afternoon)

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