New Halloween Puzzles!

We know Halloween is still over a month away, but we also know that weeks slip by easily and that makes it feel as if it’s just around the corner. You still have to find your costumes, pick out candy for the trick-or-treaters, and decorate your home!

Here’s a highlight on all the brand new 2013 Halloween themed puzzles we have in stock!


halloween puzzles, kids halloween fun
Howl-o-Ween Dogs by SunsOut. 500 pieces. 19.5 inches round.
Did We Scare You? by SunsOut. 550 pieces. 15 x 24 inches.
pumpkin puzzle, halloween shaped puzzle, halloween decorations
Enter if You Dare by SunsOut. 1000 pieces. 26.5 x 36.5 inches.
Halloween Kittens by SunsOut. 1000 pieces. 20 x 27 inches.
Lady in Black by Schmidt Spiele. 1000 pieces. 27.28 x 19.41 inches.
Have Broom Will Travel by SunsOut. 1000 pieces. 19 x 30 inches.
kids halloween decorations, wall puzzle, repositionable wall puzzle
Monster High Wall Puzzle by Cardinal Ind. 100 pieces. 24 x 36 inches.



One thought on “New Halloween Puzzles!

  1. Susanna

    September 27, 2013 2:21

    wow that shaped one from Sunsout is neat looking! wish it weren’t 1000 pieces…I just got Cobble Hill’s halloween puzzle – 400 piece family puzzle! arrived yesterday and can’t wait to get to my friend’s and put it together with her family! luv all the black kitties!

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