Can’t Pick a Favorite Season? You Don’t Have to!

Your favorite season says a lot about you. If, like me, you prefer the cold, dreariness of winter, you might be a homebody that prefers the comfort of a blanket and a fire and a good book. A summer person might be active and energetic, ready to go out and play in the sunshine. Spring and autumn people are the most easygoing, accepting all types of weather, with spring folk seeming optimistic and ready for fresh beginnings and autumn people seeming productive as it’s the start of the school year and the end of the vacation months.

But if you just can’t decide between the warmth of a sunny day, the crispness of freshly fallen orange leaves, the thrill of the first snowfall of the season, or the cleansing feeling of rainy afternoons, then check out these puzzles: all four seasons with all their best qualities wrapped up into one puzzle! They could keep you busy the whole year long!

4 Seasons by Clementoni. 3000 pieces. 32.” x 44.85 inches.
bird puzzles, season puzzles, Mario Fernandez
The Seasons by SunsOut. 1000 pieces. 16 x 24 inches.
alphonse mucha
The Four Seasons by Clementoni. 1000 pieces. 26.5 x 18.75 inches.
Three Seasons by Ceaco. 750 pieces. 18 x 24 inches.
Ecological Seasons by Pomegranate. 1000 pieces. 32 x 16 inches.
Change of Seasons by Buffalo Games. 750 pieces.
The New Yorker – Seasonal Scenes by New York Puzzle Co. 1000 pieces. 20 x 27 inches.
3D Pyramid – Four Seasons by Master Pieces. 300 pieces. 9.25 x 9.25 x 7 inches.
The Four Seasons by SunsOut. 1000 pieces. 19 x 30 inches.


5 thoughts on “Can’t Pick a Favorite Season? You Don’t Have to!

  1. Susanna

    August 22, 2013 3:41

    I like the Yerka and New Yorker ones! I think winter is my fave though we really don’t have real seasons down here- can wear shorts most of winter. I hate summer though – 100 plus temps and humidity is awful. Fall and spring are nice if we had more than 2 weeks of each. for puzzles though I love winter scenes with the snow since I never get much of that – last year was the first snow I’ve seen in YEARS and that wasn’t a whole lot!

    • Megan Fajardo

      August 22, 2013 5:30

      I hate humidity too! I like living in a temperate area where we get to experience all of the seasons, but still, colder temps are for me! Snow is beautiful (although I think the big blanket of white snow that is in a lot of our winter puzzles would be quite the challenge!)

      • Susanna

        August 22, 2013 5:44

        yeah I have to the snow ones with some quilts or cabins or something with color to help me out LOL!

  2. Kate H Jordan

    August 22, 2013 12:58

    I love your site so much! I’ve been here a lot over the last couple of weeks off and on; today I spent hours poring over all the pages, and I’m still not sure I’ve seen them all.

    It’s getting really tough to find good, quality puzzles in my small town in Northern VA. You have a much bigger variety, and brands I’d never heard of. There truly seems to be something for everyone.

    Do you ever carry the mini puzzles in metal tins, or do you know if they’re still being made? I have three that are 1000 pieces; the only ones I’ve seen locally lately are only 500 pieces and not any pictures that I like. I love the mini ones because I can work them on my lap desk in bed at night when I don’t feel like reading, but they’re getting harder to find!

    Also, there are a lot of puzzles that I absolutely love but they only have 300-500 pieces. I really love the 1000-piece size, and I go through the smaller ones too quickly to justify the expense. Do manufacturers ever issue the same issue in different piece counts?

    Thank you for being a terrific site for my favorite hobby. I hope to visit your store some day!

    • Ashley

      August 22, 2013 2:42

      Thank you so much for the feedback Kate, we are so glad you’ve found us! I can assure you it will take quite a while to see all the puzzles we offer – over 10,000 to be exact! 🙂

      To answer your question about mini puzzles, we have a few options. Most of the mini puzzles made these days seem to be small piece counts, only 100 or 300 pieces, and that’s all I have seen in metal tins.

      However, Educa has a few 1000 piece mini puzzles, they are about 12 x 18 inches, they come in regular cardboard boxes. You can see them here: and sort by pieces to 1000. You can also see all of the other mini puzzles available before you sort to 1000 pieces. Even some of the 100 and 300 piece ones are so small that they are actually quite a challenge. The World’s Smallest Puzzles by TDC games are only 4″ x 6″ when complete, with about 300 or less pieces! (plus, they are only $5.99, and come with tweezers)

      There are a few brands that release multiple piece counts for the same images, including SunsOut and Springbok, off the top of my head. Springbok actually is re-releasing several of their most popular 300-500 piece puzzles as 1000 piece puzzles, we are waiting for them to arrive in excitement! They are scheduled to be here on 8/28, and I’ll be posting a blog about it here.

      If you’d like, I’m happy to help you try to track down some larger piece count sizes for smaller puzzles you like, just send us a message at with links to puzzles you like and I’ll see what I can do to help!

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