May 26th is John Wayne’s Birthday!

Fans of the famous cowboy can celebrate John Wayne’s birthday—May 26—with our puzzles that wonderfully capture him as a person that was stubbornly independent, morally dignified, and a believer of fair play.

John Wayne Slim Puzzle by Aquarius. 1000 pieces. 12″ x 36″.

Wayne is one of the most famous film icons and starred in nearly 250 movies! We should’ve known he was going to make a sizable impact on the world—considering he came into the world a sizable baby, weighing 13 pounds!

John Wayne – Movie by Aquarius. 1000 pieces. 20″ x 27″.

One trait Wayne is remembered for is his unique body language, specifically his easy, fluid gait. Wayne’s feet were relatively small in comparison with his large body, but he moved gracefully and his movements became a famous part of his screen persona. Actress Katherine Hepburn said she was impressed by his “light dancer’s steps.”

If you’re looking for a movie that celebrates Wayne, watch (or rewatch!) The Shootist, Wayne’s last film before he died of cancer. Semi-autobiographical, the character he plays is also an aging cowboy fighting cancer. The director, Don Siegel, lets Wayne’s well-known and recognizable walk play out with no cutting or editing in the climax scene, where he traverses the length of a saloon. Montages in the opening credit sequences, too, show a highlight reel of clips from earlier Westerns that Wayne acted in.

John Wayne by White Mountain. 1000 pieces. 20″ x 27″.

2 thoughts on “May 26th is John Wayne’s Birthday!

  1. susanna

    May 26, 2013 8:54

    Definitely a classic! Hopefuly Hepburn was impressed by more than his ‘light dancer’s steps’! 🙂 I didn’t watch a lot of westerns but I enjoyed North to Alaska and The Quiet Man (loved the scenery in Quiet Man!) I remember seeing Rooster Cogburn when it was at the movies and was a big deal to get to see a movie! I think McLintock is the one my mom liked (along with Quite Man but she liked Maureen O’Hara too!)

  2. Mary

    July 31, 2014 3:59

    Having lots of trouble with the slim john wayne puzzle. Is there anyway to get help finishing this. I am 1/3finished and it has taken me 4months to do that

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