Challenge Yourself: Scheming with Color

Finding yourself itching for a challenge, but not quite ready to jump up to the impossible puzzles or the other uniquely challenging puzzles with a twist?

Or maybe you just prefer the traditional puzzle look and feel. You might like the routine of starting with your edge pieces or working with familiar piece shapes. Whatever the case, don’t think you still can’t challenge your brain. The bright side is, you don’t have to up your piece count either. Work with the size and style you already love. Just switch up your color scheme!

Finding puzzles that are largely of one or two color schemes can make you have to work a little harder, be a little more creative, and definitely test your patience as you wonder how you should start organizing the pieces!

If you have a favorite puzzle that you’ve completed before that was challenging because of the color scheme, share it with us in the comments. We’d love to hear about it!

zebra puzzles, safari puzzles, black and white puzzles
Explosion by SunsOut. 550 pieces. Finished size: 15” x 24.”
waterfall puzzles, boats puzzles
Crash Course by Thomas Barbey Puzzles. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 23” x 29”.
greece puzzles, white jigsaw puzzle
Greece by Clementoni. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 26.5” x 18.25”.


rose puzzles, flower puzzles
Red Rose by Ravensburger. 500 pieces. Finished size: 19.75” x 19.75”.
kitten puzzles, cats
Kittens in Pots. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 19.25” x 26.5”.
feathers puzzles, red puzzles
Feathers by Piatnik. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 26.5” x 17.25”.


ocean puzzles, surfing puzzles
Big Wave by Heye. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 22” x 22”.


Beautiful Swan by Ravensburger. 500 pieces. Finished size: 19.5″ x 14.25″.
Autumn Reflection by Springbok. 1500 pieces. Finished size: 28.75″ x 36″.



3 thoughts on “Challenge Yourself: Scheming with Color

  1. Susanna

    May 1, 2013 5:47

    wow I can’t imagine trying those! I had enough of a challenge with these (maybe a warmup to the 2 color ones?!) – the sky and doghouse were endless it seemed but at least at the end I had a Snoopy dog!

    this one was challenging too –
    again nowhere near 2 colors but that blue was on a lot of the roofs and buildings and the top righ mountain and bottom of the puzzle look similar with small pieces – not to mention the endless slopes – if I hadn’t had the rest of the puzzle to help I’d have gone nuts! (guess I’m definitely not ready for 2 color puzzles LOL!)

    this one was a doozy too – big pieces but TONS of blue and browns –

    and surprisingly this one I think was the worst of all and I thought I’d give up puzzles while doing this one but boy it felt great to finally finish!
    only 300 pieces but seems all the colors sort of smeared together and this brand seems to be shinier/glossier than some others – not sharp lines defining the objects – the deer were sorta brushed into the snow and all those trees! even the small pieces of red didn’t always help since they could go in more than one place

    • Megan Fajardo

      May 2, 2013 12:39

      Wow, those are some great choices, and definitely look challenging! Maybe we’ll have to do a post on some of those and some easier color scheme challenges. I know they can be quite time consuming!

      • Susanna

        May 2, 2013 5:55

        I”ve never had a lot of patience and I’ve found a LOT of the puzzles I’ve bought have surprised me! some I thought would be harder were easier and vice versa (a lot of vice versa LOL!) This puzzle here was fun and was a little challenging but it was 200 pieces and some of the pieces were a little easier to place plus was just fun to escape into the movie…LOVE the Disney movie! probably my fave of all the Disney movies and romances – period! 🙂 and didn’t realize some of the links I’ve given ya’ll are down to just 1 left in stock..sorry anyone reading who wants one…
        I’ve also found working through the ones with endless sections the same color that so long as there are some sections that are easier that it’s nice to work at matching shapes – trying to guess which pieces will fit based on their shape or if the tab thingy is in the middle or near an edge, big or small – a different kind of thinking – then I go back to matching colors. one I recently finished was this one and when I pulled it out my thought would be the flowers would be the funnest/easiest and the sky would be the endless challenge – it turned out I was relieved to stop dealing with the flowers(esp those reddish ones in 3 plus places!) and do the soothing sky – the pieces snapped together well and it wasn’t too hard with the shapes- I had to try several but it wasn’t nearly as hard as that building on the left, the stone, and those flowers on the edges! I started to mention this one earlier but it’s nowhere near 2 colors but the way some of these puzzles are painted the colors change gradually and even with larger pieces it’s hard to tell on some exactly where that color goes esp by the time it adds in green and brown or green and a reddish color.
        oh and this is one of the first puzzles I bought from ya’ll and one of the first I did -harder than it looks but it was fun – – the quilts were the easiest part- the snow and trees and sky and even the houses look pretty much identical – it helped having pieces of the quilts touching the snow and going from there – even then the pieces I had left I was thinking ‘no way they’ll go there’ but they did! 🙂

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