Challenge Yourself: Puzzles that Push You

Do you feel the need to challenge yourself with your puzzling experience? For those experienced puzzlers, it might be time to try something new—something a little different, something that adds an exciting new component to the hobby you already know and love.

There are many ways that jigsaw puzzle designers have come up with to completely alter the puzzling experience. Sometimes they throw in some extra unneeded pieces, sometimes they give you a different image on the box. Whatever it is, it’ll push your brain even more—and we bet the added challenge will give you even more pleasure once. Well, after you get over the feeling that it’s just impossible, at least 🙂

These challenging puzzles will be spread out throughout posts over the next week as we write about the benefits of pushing yourself. We’ll try to start with the simpler challenges first, just to give you a taste.

American Native Flowers by Scramble Squares. 9 pieces.

9 pieces seems like a breeze, doesn’t it? Nope! In this puzzle, you must align all the squares so that the pictures match up perfectly in every direction—and there are 95,126,814,720 combinations that are possible for you to try with this 3 x 3 puzzle with four different rotations in each square. You’ll be rotating and replacing the images in the square over and over again as it nearly works, but not quite. Good luck!

3D Magna Puzzle – Planets by Ceaco. 16 magnetic pieces.

The illusion of depth and movement is an added challenge in this 16 piece puzzle. It’ll be tough just to decide where to begin! The bonus to this puzzle is that it comes with a magnetic tray, making it very portable. You can work to piece it together from anywhere!

Library by Ceaco. 42 pieces.

Instead of the shaped puzzle pieces you recognize, this image is made up of 42 sticks which you line up and rearrange inside of a wooden tray. An added challenge? It can make up to two images because it’s double-sided. Better choose the right side to lay your stick!

Spiral of Archimedes by Ceaco. 67 uniquely shaped pieces.

This puzzle was randomly designed, so it doesn’t have to make a lot of sense! Try to piece together these 67 pieces, all of which are uniquely shaped, in order to make a puzzle that has no straight edges and no overlapping images—yikes!

African Oasis by TDC Games. 234 pieces.

I hope your eyesight is good because this puzzle is part of the World’s Smallest Puzzle series. With 234 pieces and a finished size of 4″ x 6″ you’ll want to make sure you never misplace the tweezers that come with this miniscule but challenging puzzle!

Sea Otter Family by Cobble Hill. 400 pieces.

This puzzle’s unique quality isn’t intended to challenge you—instead it’s intended to help make the puzzling experience inclusive! There are small, medium, and large shaped pieces in this Family Puzzle series so that everyone feels like they can help, from the littlest ones to the biggest ones. However, the uniqueness of this may challenge you anyways!

Monarch in Flight by Paper House Productions. 500 pieces.

Completing the edges is a whole new experience with shaped puzzles! Additionally, there are some pieces hidden in here with surprise shapes—butterflies and flower shapes included.

5 thoughts on “Challenge Yourself: Puzzles that Push You

  1. susanna

    April 3, 2013 4:19

    Those sea otters are sooo cute! I have one of those 9 piece puzzles you showed first and still haven’t solved it! How wide are those puzzle stix pieces?

    • Megan Fajardo

      April 8, 2013 11:50

      I’m still trying to work out one of those Scramble Squares myself! As for the width of the puzzle stix, I’m not entirely sure. I’ll look into it tomorrow and let you know asap!

    • Ashley

      April 9, 2013 3:50

      Alright- we have an answer for you:

      The Puzzle Stix come in a tray with a frame. Each piece is 4 centimeters wide. The entire puzzle with the frame is 12″ x 9″. Without the frame, it looks like the puzzle itself is approximately around 9.5″ x 6.75″. Hope this helps. On the box, it says, “Arrange 42 custom-cut wooden sticks to form one of two colorful images. The elegant wood frame holds the stix together side by side, displaying finished art.”

      • Susanna

        April 10, 2013 9:53

        thanks! 4 cm is wider than I thought- about 1 1/2 inches? seems like there’s 2.5 in an inch….I have the patchwork scramble squares- the quilt with the flowers. they’re a nice thickness and quality- pretty durable and best of all easy to see! I guess that dependson the pictures though – the patchwrok one isn’t too busy and you’re matching the tops/bottoms of flowers – some have a lot more pictures that are smaller so might be more challenging! yep think I have the easiest one and still haven’t solved it! 🙂

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