Brand New Puzzles from Heye

A personal favorite of mine, Heye is a high-end jigsaw puzzle brand that brings to the table some of the most magnificent artwork puzzles I’ve seen since working for Puzzle Warehouse. Excited to share these new collections – make sure to browse the whole thing, there are all sorts of different themes in here. From fantasy to nature to cartoon chaos, Heye has the most unique images of all the puzzle brands, in my opinion…. so Happy Puzzling! – Ashley

Click in the photo to be taken to our entire collection of new 2013 jigsaw puzzles from Heye.

2 thoughts on “Brand New Puzzles from Heye

  1. Elizabeth Roberts

    April 14, 2013 11:41

    I love Heye puzzles because of all the funny details going on, which make me laugh and bring a smile to my face. My favorite artist to do Heye puzzles is Spanish illustrator Hugo Prades. His work Barcelona (1500 pieces), along with Marino Degano’s Cat’s Life (1000 pieces) are highlights of this year’s Heye puzzle lineup for me.

  2. Tom Stevenson

    April 30, 2014 3:07

    What has happened to the 2014 Heye line? Looks like EBoy got tuckered out or ran out of cities. I thought goth was dead & who, in their right mind, wants to build 1000 pcs puzzle of a blue cartoonish character sitting in a dirty bathtub. “To each his own” but looks to me like Heye is a ship of lost souls for this year of 2014; a very dismal one at that.

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