Wooden Brain Teasers (also known as Mechanical Puzzles)

Browse some of latest additions to our collection of wooden brain teasers (mechanical puzzles) from Creative Crafthouse. These guys handcraft these high quality wooden puzzles in Spring Hill, Florida. Many of the puzzles are inspired by puzzle designs that have not been made in years. Aside from individual puzzle, they also have beautiful gift boxes with 3 or more puzzles included in a wooden box. Some of the brain teasers are easy to solve, rated a 1 out of 6 on the difficulty level, where others are rated 6 out of 6. For more information and to see prices and even more designs, visit our collection of Creative Crafthouse Puzzles on our website.

One thought on “Wooden Brain Teasers (also known as Mechanical Puzzles)

  1. barbara raspberry

    December 23, 2012 12:13

    U have some great wood puzzles ..I really like the kitchen one but it is a bit high price for me..I have never seen it before…beautiful..

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