Holiday Puzzle Series #1: Religious Christmas

This is THE time of year for jigsaw puzzles. With the cold weather outside, it’s nice to cozy up next to the fireplace with family and work on a puzzle together. Not surprisingly, people love holiday and winter themed images for puzzles during these months – a great way to enjoy the cold weather without getting cold! This post is part 1 of a 4 part series of our best selections in our most popular winter puzzles! First up, Religious Christmas. Next up: Best of Snow, Cardinals, & Coca Cola. Enjoy!

Religious Christmas

Christmas is a holiday which has in many ways gotten secularized with Santa and reindeer and cookies and presents. If your family would prefer a more traditional Christmas where you celebrate Christianity and the birth of Jesus, we have a great selection of puzzles that depict stories from the Bible.

Religious Puzzle - 1000 pieces.
No Room at the Inn by Sunsout from artist Tim DuBois. $14.99. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 27″ x 20″.
Religious Puzzle
Adoration of the Shepherds by Peaceful Wooden Puzzles. These custom puzzle can be ordered in several piece counts.
Jesus Jigsaw Puzzle
At Jesus’ Feet by Euro Graphics from artist Nathan Greene. $15.99. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 19.25″ x 26.5″.

Religious Jigsaw Puzzles
The First Miracle by Sunsout from artist James Steward. $14.99. 1000 pieces. Finished size: 16” x 34”.
Religious Puzzles
Hand and Hand by Sunsout from artist Greg Olsen. $10.99. 500 pieces. Finished size: 18” x 24”.

We also have some great religious puzzles for children so you can teach them about Moses, Noah, Jonah and Jesus this Christmas.

Religious Puzzles for Kids
The First Noel by American Puzzle Co. Ages: 3+. $14.99. 10 wooden pieces. Finished size: 8.25” x 11”.
Religious Puzzles for Kids
Noah’s Ark by Master Pieces. Ages: 3+. $6.99. 24 pieces. Finished size: 10.25″ x 14.25.
Religious Puzzles for Kids
Jonah by American Puzzle Co. Ages: 5+. $14.99. 12 wooden pieces. Finished size: 8.25″ x 11″.
Religious Puzzles for Kids
Moses by Euro Graphics. Ages: 6+. $15.99. 100 pieces. Finished size: 13” x 10”.

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