Sunflowers and Poppies

Because we have already started dreaming of summer, we decided to warm your house by bringing you great bouquets of sunflowers and poppies.

If you are sun seekers like we are, but the weather keeps showings its teeth, Wentworth Wooden Puzzles will brighten your day with their 14.2″ x 9.8″ Sunflowers – 140 uniquely laser-cut wood pieces. Or, if you love both summer and art, Vincent Van Gogh is the answer. Thanks to Ricordi Arte and their 1500 pieces jigsaw puzzle – Sunflowers – you will forget about the cloudy weather.

If you feel like taking a trip into the middle of a sunflower field, you will absolutely love the 550 pieces, 15″ x 24″ Sunflower Field that Sunsout has to offer.

Let us not forget about those fragile flowers that cover sometimes the fields in a red that is so strong and warm that one can hardly resist the temptation of not diving into it. Of course, we are talking about poppies which come to enchant our eyes not only with colors of red, but also yellow, violet and blue.

Pomegranate’s 1000-Piece interlocking jigsaw puzzles combine superb color reproduction, stunning and unusual images, and heirloom-quality construction to delight generations of puzzle solvers. Therefore, feel free to try assembling the astonishingly colored Poppies, Sierra Club jigsaw puzzle or the Poppy Paradise, a 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle brought to you by Ceaco.

Puzzle of the Day – Endearing Cat

What is soft, has a moist nose and loves to purr? Here is a hint: it says, “meow.”

Today’s jigsaw puzzle of the day is a special and sweet one: a cute and sleepy kitten packed in a lovely red dotted box – Endearing Cat.

This furry domestic mammal isn’t valued just for its companionship, but also for its ability to hunt vermin and household pests. Did you know that a cat sleeps two thirds of its life (65%), spends 25% cleaning itself and it eats and plays 5% of its life? Or that they use to purr not only when they are happy and comfortable, but also when they are afraid of something or someone or when they are in pain? And here is a fact that we are sure you will find very amusing: cats purr at the same frequency as a Diesel engine.

If your child wants a cat, but you still think that it is too early for him to get one, you can pleasantly surprise him with this fluffy 100 large pieces puzzle by Ravensburger. Everybody loves a cute kitten and enjoys even the sight of it, so the puzzle is bound to bring lots of joy in your house. With a finished size of 14.25″ X 19.3″, it’s just the perfect jigsaw puzzle to assemble and frame in your kids room. Or even in yours, if you’re the big cat lover we suspect and if you secretly like to purr.

Panda Puzzles

At Puzzle Warehouse, the largest jigsaw puzzle store in the world, you can find anything you could dream of. Anything related to jigsaw puzzles, of course. If you’re an animal lover, for example, you will be impressed with the huge number of puzzles with an animal theme available on our website.

If you’re a specific animal lover, chances are you will still find at least one of our jigsaw puzzles appealing to you. Let’s say you love pandas. That wouldn’t be surprising, as everybody does. They are considered to be the cutest animals in the world, and for good reasons. These beautiful black and white bears are very calm, fluffy, and big bamboo lovers. And they actually have thumbs, which is amazing in the animal reign.

At Puzzle Warehouse, if you love pandas, we have enough panda puzzles to satisfy this pleasure of yours. You can choose one with a jungle theme, if you think a panda bear’s place is among its fellow jungle inhabitants, or you can pick one of our other panda puzzles, depicting these cute bears in their natural environment.

You must know that the panda is considered an endangered species, and such a puzzle might show your support for the cause of these peaceful toy bears, while allowing you to spend some quality time putting together the hundreds of pieces that make the puzzle. It will be just like looking for a panda in the jungle. Every piece that fits is a step that brings you closer to finding the animal you like.

Custom Jigsaw Puzzles

Would you like to have at least one unique item in your house? If you can’t get a limited edition car from the ’40s, we suggest you to take a look at our line of custom jigsaw puzzles. They are made of wood and come in various sizes and shapes. From a 6″ 90 pieces square puzzle to a 854 pieces (including 47 whimsies) 16″x 22″ jigsaw puzzle, the possibilities are endless.

All you need to do is choose a shape and a size and email a high resolution photo of your choice. To make it even more unique and personal, you can engrave a message on the back of your puzzle. And the best thing about it is that it will be ready in no time. Once the image is received and approved, it usually takes a week to manufacture the puzzle, which is really fast for such a complex product.

Our custom jigsaw puzzles, crafted by our friends at Peaceful Wooden, can be the perfect gift for your loved ones, and maybe even for some good friends. A beautiful custom wooden puzzle is a unique and thoughtful way of remembering the good old times or a special event in someone’s life, and it will last forever.

Take a picture of a special moment with that special someone in your life, and make a puzzle out of it. You can even have a special message engraved on the back. Offer it as a present and let your friend or loved one (or fiance to be, even) assemble the picture to discover a fun or sweet moment from your past together. Tears might be shed, smiles might be seen and happiness might be felt.

All of this with a simple jigsaw puzzle that you can turn into a unique everlasting memory.

Puzzle of the Day – Covered Bridge in Spring

The sun is shining over St. Louis, and the ice and snow has finally melted away. Because after winter there always comes spring, this week’s jigsaw puzzle of the day honors that wonderful season with the colorful 300 pieces jigsaw puzzle by SunsOut – Covered Bridge in Spring.

We believe that winter has its glow around holidays when you can go skiing or snowboarding and around Christmas and New Year’s Eve. After that, though, it starts to get old and may even start making you feel a bit melancholy: everything seems frozen.

We bet you can’t wait to see those trees blossom again and the green grass to cover the ground. And let us not forget about those sweet songs that birds will sing early in the morning or about those shy sunny rays. Oh! And the wonderful trips in the mountains or perhaps to the beach.

We all love spring because it is such a balanced season – not too hot, but also not too cold, not too dry but also not too rainy. One of its best parts is that you can leave your iPod home. Why? Well, it would be a shame not to enjoy the birds trill or the bees tingle.

If winter persists outside your house and our words have cruelly made you pine for sunshine, perhaps this spring themed jigsaw puzzle of the day can act as a surrogate until those warm spring days knock at your door, too.