The Perfect Christmas Gift: a Christmas Jigsaw puzzle

Are you looking for a Christmas gift? Sometimes it can be so hard to please other people that trying to find appropriate gifts for them can be stressful. Choosing a gift is a delicate endeavor. If you don’t get it right, instead of making someone happy, you’ll make them sad. You might not find out about it, but that still isn’t good and it isn’t meant to be that way. No need to lose sleep over it, though.

While clothes, jewelry and perfumes are really tricky gifts, jigsaw puzzles do not fall into the same category. Whether we’re talking about a child or an adult, a jigsaw puzzle might be the right thing to offer in both cases. At Puzzle Warehouse, you can even find holiday themes like a Christmas jigsaw puzzle. Beautifully designed, challenging to assemble, some with as many as 1000 pieces, they are simply made to please.

They will make adults go back in time and enjoy, once again, some of the lost joys of their beautiful childhood. If they have children to share them with, those jigsaw puzzles will guarantee them some quality time with their families and will make Christmas an even happier time.

If you want to offer a gift to children, a jigsaw puzzle will be just the challenge they were hoping for and it will allow them to test their patience and skill while discovering a beautiful Christmas image, such as Father’s Christmas Train. By choosing a Christmas jigsaw puzzle, you will be helping with the creation of the magic Christmas is all about.

How Jigsaw Puzzles Were Born

Despite all appearances, the first jigsaw puzzle did not have a ludic purpose, but an educational one. Its invention is usually attributed to John Spilsbury, an Englishman who thought of the jigsaw puzzle as a playful method of learning geography.

That’s why the first jigsaw puzzles represented maps and, while assembling them, children were also testing their geography knowledge. It was a very useful tool, and some teachers still use this method today, as unorthodox as it might seem.

For the little ones, learning through play is a validated methodological approach that has proven very efficient through the years. Unlike the stiff academic drills, play can captivate children a lot more and stimulate them in more than one way. And a well-designed and tested method of learning through play can reach its objectives a lot easier than a traditional one.

Jigsaw puzzles are an essential learning tool, and they can stimulate your child and help him develop faster an essential set of skills. Solving jigsaw puzzles with him will not only enhance his social skills, but also stimulate his creativity and hand-to-eye coordination. In the meantime, the picture assembling will also stimulate his imagination and develop his problem-solving skills in a playful way.

At Puzzle Warehouse, you can find jigsaw puzzles for children of all ages, starting with as little as 12 pieces. You can not only make geography fun, but you will also be able to help the little ones discover nature and life in a wonderful and colorful way. We have more than 300 jigsaw puzzles waiting to be assembled and to teach our children the best things about life.